Wind Scarred Wastes

Premiering on April 21, 2022, this was the first of a series of "Take Back Tokyo" events.

These events allow players to act through story scenes and battles as one of the, until now, non-player character Dx2 devil summoners. This one focuses on Shiori Koden.

To progress, players had to collect materials through spending in-game stamina, trading those materials to capture tiles on maps based on regions of the city of Tokyo. Some tiles include special story scenes within battles, transcribed below.

Event Intro

> One day in Akihabara...

Shiori (in casual clothes): (I'll let that pig deal with the props and stuff for my next show, and based on how many people showed up this time, the quota for next time should be...)

Shiori: Huh...?

> Shiori senses "something" and turns to take a look.

> It's a strange spatial anomaly that is sucking in everything around it...

> As if a hole had been violently torn open in spacetime.

Shiori: What is this? It's like a Decoherence Trace, but not...?

> Shiori stretches her hand out to the anomaly.

Shiori: *Wince* What the...?! I'm getting sucked in...!!

> The background shifts to a ruined, urban landscape.

Shiori: *Groan* What the hell just happened...?

???: Shionyan! Shionyaaan!

Shiori: That voice... Kokoro?

> Shiori takes out her phone and confirms her suspicions.

Kokoro (on the phone): Looks like you're in trouble...

Shiori: What? That's how you're going to greet me?

Kokoro: Oh, don't be mad. Just give me a chance to explain.

Kokoro: This place is actually a different world!

Shiori: Huh?

Kokoro: And not one of those isekai worlds either.

Kokoro: Although I feel like you'd make a pretty good villainess.

Kokoro: Anyways, what's going on here involves our world too...

Shiori: There's a lot I'd like to ask, but for now, I'll keep listening.

> ...

Shiori (donning glasses): I see. So there's an infinite number of parallel worlds aside from our own?

Shiori: And because some demon gained an enormous amount of power in a parallel world, it somehow created a connection to our world?

Shiori: And that hole or portal or whatever is what I fell into?

Kokoro: Ah, the genius girl's quick. Yes, that's what happened.

Shiori: But this place feels weird. It's so dark and desolate.

Kokoro: Yes, that may be because of this world's Vanitas...

Girl in dirty clothes: Whoa! What's this?! A tiny, little lady?

CHOICE: Shiori: Who are you?

CHOICE: Shiori: Where'd you come from?

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Mizuki (Girl): I'm Mizuki from Izumo Village! What village are you from?

Mizuki's Big Brother: Mizuki, what are you doing?! You know the wind wall's really dangerous...

Mizuki's Big Brother: And who are you? You're not from Izumo, are you?

CHOICE: Shiori: I'm from another world.

Mizuki's Big Brother: ...??

CHOICE: Shiori: I'm a traveler.


Mizuki's Big Brother: Are you one of those people from the villages that got too big and were brought here?

Shiori: Yeah, something like that. Can you tell me a little about this place?

Kokoro (looking forlorn): (She's just lying through her teeth...)

Mizuki's Big Brother: Uh, sure... But I'm not sure you'll really learn anything new...

Mizuki's Big Brother: Well, you know how it works. We have to follow all these rules regarding them.

Mizuki's Big Brother: Like what we have to offer for the harvest, where to go, what to do and stuff.

Mizuki's Big Brother: And it's not like we can pass through the wind wall Susano-o made either.

> The boy points towards a massive wall of swirling air.

Shiori: So anyone that tries to go through that gets cut to pieces...?

Mizuki's Big Brother: They'll even move us around if some villages have too many or too few people...

Mizuki's Big Brother: We have to live by their rules. It's like we're livestock...

Mizuki: If only we could save Amaterasu somehow...

Shiori: Save Amaterasu?

Mizuki: Susano-o is holding the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu, prisoner.

Mizuki: That's why it's so dark outside.

Mizuki: We're trapped here inside this vortex and have nowhere else to go...

Mizuki: Mommy and daddy even said they're sorry for bringing me into such a horrible world.

Mizuki: But I know it's not their fault. It's all because of Susano-o.

Mizuki: I feel so bad for Amaterasu too. If only someone could save her...

Mizuki: *Sob* Just... Just once, I want to see the sun and the sky...

Mizuki's Big Brother: They say Amaterasu is a kind goddess with a heart as warm as the sun...

Mizuki's Big Brother: If she can be saved, maybe our lives will become a little warmer as well...

Shiori: Alright, thanks for telling me. I'm gonna keep looking around if you don't mind...

Mizuki's Big Brother: Okay, sure... Just be mindful of the wind wall, alright?

> ...

Shiori: So Susano-o is holding Amaterasu captive and took control over humanity...

Kokoro: That probably means Susano-o needs things to be like this, right?

Kokoro: His religion, albeit kinda scary, has them completely cowed too...

Kokoro: Anyways, when do you want to head back?

Shiori: I've been looking for a way... Wait, I can go back?

Kokoro: With my superpowers, that's more than possible!


> Some time later, in the hideout...

Megakin: Aight. Nice work, Shionyan. Thanks for lettin' us know...

Megakin: Yo, take some time to relax for now.

Ame-P: No, there is no time for dilly-dallying!

Shiang Sun: Y-You're...! Ame-P!

Vince: Who?

Ame-P: *Chuckle* Since you asked...

Ame-P: I am the great producer, Ame-P...

> Ame-P changes to her demon form!

Ame-no-Uzume: Also known as Ame-no-Uzume.

Ame-no-Uzume: Now, I took the liberty of eavesdropping on your conversation.

Ame-no-Uzume: Something about a goddess from another world being imprisoned inside a well by her brother.

Ame-no-Uzume: That is a situation that I simply cannot leave be.

Ame-no-Uzume: Freeing her from that cave is my job. We must depart at once!

Vince: You're kidding, right? We have nothing to do with all that.

Kokoro: Actually, you sort of do.

Kokoro: That other world became connected with ours, which means they're starting to fuse together.

Kokoro: If we just let things proceed as is, nothing good's gonna happen.

Kokoro: For example, people might start getting "spirited away" and end up in the other world.

Kokoro: Or this world's spiritual balance could break down and lead to catastrophe.

Ririn: B-But what can we possibly do about any of that?

Kokoro: Hehehe. Incidentally, you happen to be the only ones that can turn this around.

Kokoro: Let's start with how... Vanitas likely caused the end of that world...

Shiori: Yeah, it makes sense considering how post-apocalyptic it felt...

Kokoro: The Dragon Stream was completely ruined by Vanitas, and the gods who grew a little too powerful suppressed its influence.

Kokoro: This imbalance caused that world to become connected to ours.

Kokoro: In order to spiritually rebalance that world and return it to normal, not only will we have to deal with the god behind it all...

Kokoro: We'll have to send some of this world's spiritual energy across their way!

Ririn: T-That sounds so complicated. What exactly do we need to do?

Kokoro: Kill a bunch of demons here and gather their spiritual energy.

Kokoro: I'll take that energy and feed it into the Dragon Stream!

Kokoro: And! And! This is what you'll be using to gather that energy!

Kokoro: Ta-daa! Spirit Orbs!

> A spirit orb is revealed, resembling a blue marble surrounded by gold trim.

Kokoro: I had Himika make them for me just for this sort of eventuality!

Gakuto: You expected all this to happen...?

Kokoro: As for who we'll need to fell our divine foe...

Kokoro: It doesn't matter how great a next-generation priestess I am, I have way too much trouble communicating with people in another world!

Kokoro: So I can only take one of you... Sorry...

Ame-no-Uzume: I shall send myself across to the other side.

Shiori: Then I'll go. Something about that place is still bothering me so...

Kokoro: Great! Then the rest of you get to be Spirit Orb gatherers!

Ame-no-Uzume: Then let us go and find the cave of reawakening...!

Featured Summon

> Ame-no-Uzume is summoned by the portal.

Ame-no-Uzume: I am Ame-no-Uzume. I shall dance for thee.

Fight 1 Intro

Take-Minakata: Who goes there? You humans are not from here, are you not...?

Take-Minakata: But you must be quite powerful if it means you broke through Susano-o's wind wall.

Take-Minakata: Are you the ones from the other world he spoke of?

Shiori: You seem to have a good eye. I commend you.

Take-Minakata: And you appear to be rather hostile. Are you here to defeat me...?

Shiori: Exactly. Let's just get right to it.

Shiori: We have other things to deal with, so we need to get this out of the way.

Take-Minakata: Hm? Other things?

Take-Minakata: Did these humans ask you to fight in their stead?

Shiori: You already knew?

Take-Minakata: I am no fool. Their fear has morphed into something else entirely.

Take-Minakata: But why are you, someone with no connection to them, helping them...?

Take-Minakata: Why did you agree to fight in their stead as such?

CHOICE: Shiori: Their rights.

Take-Minakata: Their rights...?

Shiori: So that they can live freely like regular people. I came to get that back for them.

Shiori: Don't think that all humans are just going to curl up into a ball and take your punishment.

Take-Minakata: *Laugh*

Take-Minakata: Good. So be it. Then face me. Face the might of Take-Minakata!

Take-Minakata: Let us see if you have the strength to do so!

Take-Minakata: None of these humans have any backbone. The warrior in me has been raring to fight!

Take-Minakata: I deem you worthy. Come, face me with all your might!

> Take-Minakata's vigor is set ablaze by Shiori's will!

> Luster Candy activated

CHOICE: Shiori: That's karma.

Take-Minakata: What do you mean...?

Shiori: This is your punishment for effectively enslaving humanity.

Shiori: Ever hear of biting the hand that feeds you?

Shiori: That sort of conceited attitude pisses me off the most.

Take-Minakata: Karma... You dare call that karma?!

Take-Minakata: So be it. You shall face my full wrath, oh foolish one.

Take-Minakata: I, Take-Minakata, refuse to hold back!

Shiori: Huh...?!

> Take-Minakata unleashes a wave that makes you stumble...!

> Debiliate activated


Fight 1 Ending

Take-Minakata: *Wince* To think... That I... Would be defeated...

Take-Minakata: No... I will not fall...! Not so easily...!

> Strange lights fly out of Take-Minakata and into the sky!

Shiori: Huh?! What did you just do...?!

Take-Minakata: I simply separated out my remaining strength and sent it elsewhere...

Take-Minakata: It shall fight in my place and stifle your plans...!

Shiori: Whatever. That means I'll just have to get rid of it too.

Take-Minakata: Kushinada... Susano-o... You must overcome this threat...

Take-Minakata: Otherwise... This world is doomed...!

Take-Minakata: I leave the rest to you...

Take-Minakata: *Groan*

Fight 2 Intro

Kushinada: Halt! You are not to advance any further!

Kushinada: Are you the humans from the other world that broke through Susano-o's wind wall?

Kushinada: How? I cannot understand...

Kokoro: Hehe. That's because the great Kokoro's here too!

Kokoro: I've been feeding the spiritual energy everyone gathered to the imbalanced parts of the Dragon Stream...

Kokoro: Points around the wind wall have been weakened as a result!

Kushinada: How could you do such a thing...?!

Shiori: That's what I should be asking you.

Shiori: Who the hell do you think you are holding so many people captive like this?

Kushinada: This world is no longer home to human civilization or its laws.

Kushinada: If we simply release what few humans remain into this ruined world, they will ultimately fight one another for resources and bring about their true end.

Shiori: And you're keeping them like livestock to prevent that?

Kushinada: Indeed. Humans are weak. They require structure and a guiding hand to exist.

Kushinada: Without that, only doom and destruction await them, no?

CHOICE: Shiori: Spoken like a true tyrant.

Kushinada: Excuse me...?

Shiori: You feel some compulsion to "guide" humanity because we're weak?

Shiori: Based on everything I've seen so far, no one here wished for this to happen to them. Can't you see it?

Kushinada: But...!

Shiori: Idiot despots are toppled by revolutions all the time.

Shiori: And that's exactly what we're about to do to you.

Kushinada: Y-You arrogant worm. Watch your tongue...!

> Kushinada leers at Shiori...

CHOICE: Shiori: Maybe you're right...

Kushinada: Oh, are you starting to come to your senses?

Shiori: But how you're doing things is despicable.

Shiori: Can't you see that your "flock" is completely miserable?

Shiori: Otherwise, they wouldn't be asking for Amaterasu to be released.

Kushinada: Amaterasu? I have not heard that name in quite some time. Sadly, there is no Amaterasu now.

Shiori: Didn't Susano-o trap her inside a cave or something?

Kushinada: Oh? Is that the poison you have been pouring into these humans' ears?

Shiori: Huh? No, that's what some of these people told me.

Kushinada: Enough. You can't be allowed to remain free any longer.


Fight 2 Ending

Kushinada: *Scream*

Kushinada: T-This one is... Strong...!

Shiori: If you're feeling regretful, think about exactly what you did.

Kushinada: But... We simply...

Kushinada: No... At the very least... I must...!

> Kushinada raises her hand and lights begin to fly out!

Shiori: This again? It's starting to get old.

Kushinada: It does not matter...!

Kushinada: As long as it aids Susano-o in some way... It will do...

Kushinada: *Groan* Susano-o... Do not falter...

Kushinada: I leave... The rest to you...!!

Fight 3 Intro

Susano-o: Ah, demon user from another world. You have come...

Shiori: So you're the one that's behind all this?

Shiori: I guess it's no surprise either that you already know about me.

Susano-o: I have been sensing disturbances in the Dragon Stream for some time now.

Susano-o: Then I realized that more powerful forces than I had ever felt had appeared.

Susano-o: I immediately knew that you had to have come from another world.

Susano-o: However, I did not expect Take-Minakata and Kushinada to be defeated so easily...

Susano-o: Just what exactly do you expect to accomplish here, outlander...?

Susano-o: Depending on your answer, I may let you leave here with your life.

Shiori: Is that so? Then let me make it as clear as I possibly can.

Shiori: I'm here to kick your ass.

Shiori: Oh, while we're at it, you'll have to free Amaterasu as well.

Susano-o: Amaterasu? I have not heard that name in some time...

Susano-o: She no longer exists. Not here. Not anywhere...

Shiori: I guess I'll know if you're lying once I've dealt with you.

Susano-o: First Take-Minakata, then Kushinada and now myself...?

Susano-o: This is your final warning. Leave now and you may return to your world with your life intact.

Susano-o: Refuse and you shall be punished accordingly...

Susano-o: If you intend to fight, I will show no mercy. Give up now while you can.

CHOICE: Shiori: Absolutely not.

Shiori: Seriously, don't you get that I'm here to take you down?

Shiori: Who the hell would actually turn tail and run after hearing that?

Shiori: Anyway, can we just get this over with?

Susano-o: ...

Shiori: If you want to keep playing coy with me, why don't I get things started?

Susano-o: Fool... You have been warned...

Susano-o: You are shunning your own life. I hope you are prepared for the consequences!

> Susano-o's hair wafts to reveal a fiercely focused expression...!

> Rakukaja activated

CHOICE: Shiori: There's no turning back.

Susano-o: Such a stubborn girl. Does your life not mean anything to you?

Shiori: Running won't matter. My world is going to be engulfed by this one if I don't act now.

Shiori: For the sake of my own world, I can't turn back.

Susano-o: I see...

Susano-o: You truly believe that you can protect your world by defeating me.

Susano-o: I also happen to be in a position where I cannot yield to interlopers.

Susano-o: *Laugh* So be it! We shall wager our worlds in this battle!

Susano-o: Leave your regrets behind and fight me with everything you have.

Susano-o: I shall be unleashing my full fury on you as well.

> Susano-o's words ignite everyone's fighting spirit!

> Luster Candy activated


Fight 3 Featured Summon Dialogue

Susano-o: You! Ame-no-Uzume?! I thought you were...

Susano-o: No, of course. You are from the other world...

Ame-no-Uzume: *Chuckle* Sharp as ever I see.

Susano-o: Why are you here?

Ame-no-Uzume: You have to ask?

Ame-no-Uzume: You are destined to imprison your own sister in that cave of yours.

Ame-no-Uzume: My purpose is to free her whenever or wherever that happens.

Ame-no-Uzume: That is also why we came to face you...

Ame-no-Uzume: And deal with you!

> 40% fractional damage on the enemy party!

Fight 3 Intervention

Susano-o: *Laugh* You fight well for a pathetic human.

Susano-o: Ever since we, the guardian deities of this land, gained this exceptional power, we have not faced a threat as great as this!

Susano-o: My blood is boiling...!

Shiori: Uh, good for you...

Shiori: I guess it also makes sense that you'd be the one to imprison Amaterasu.

Susano-o: You still speak such nonsense.

Susano-o: She and her ilk no longer have a place in this world...!

Susano-o: Humans are no longer afforded that option.

Susano-o: They are to live under our rule and under our protection!

CHOICE: Shiori: Shut up!

Shiori: I'm sick of you talking and trying to buy time for yourself.

Shiori: It's time to finish this!

Susano-o: I see. My words only fall on deaf ears. Then enough talk...

Susano-o: *Roar*

> Susano-o unleashes blades of wind one after another.

CHOICE: Shiori: Is that so?

Shiori: Once I'm done with you, things will start to change.

Susano-o: When you are done with me...? Yes, this situation will indeed change...

Susano-o: However, that hardly means it will be what is best for these humans.

Shiori: I have to think it's better than living in doom and gloom like this.

Susano-o: You insolent child...

Susano-o: Fine, we are done talking.

Susano-o: Let us fight until the bitter end with everything we have!

> Susano-o grows stronger as the winds become more violent!

> Your will to fight also grows stronger!

> Luster Candy activated


Fight 3 Ending

Susano-o: ...!

Susano-o: *Groan*

Shiori: *Pant* I-Is it over...?!

Susano-o: No... I cannot fall... The wall will disappear completely...!

Susano-o: I must prevent... At least that...!

Shiori: Shut it, loser. I won.

Shiori: Free Amaterasu and bring light back into this world right now.

Shiori: And give these people their world back!

Susano-o: Light? For this world? Fine, but you are to deal with whatever happens...

Susano-o: *Groan* *Roar*

Event Ending

Susano-o: *Groan* No... This cannot be...!

> Everything begins to calm as the wind wall starts to weaken...

> A large rock comes into view as the gusts recede!

Mizuki: There you are!

> The girl from before and her fellow villagers approach.

Mizuki: The winds stopped and we were wondering what happened.

Man 1: Did you...? Did you actually defeat Susano-o?!

Mizuki's Big Brother: So that has to be where Amaterasu was imprisoned...

Ame-no-Uzume: Since everybody already seems to be here, let us go see...

Ame-no-Uzume: Open! Be free of this cave!

> Ame-no-Uzume dances and it slowly begins to open...

> Inside, there is nothing but darkness...

Mizuki's Big Brother: There's no one...?

Susano-o: Did I not say so?

Susano-o: Amaterasu, the light of your world, no longer exists...

Man 2: But you were the one that trapped her in there!

Man 2: You did it because you wanted to rule over us all...!

Shiori: How's that possible? Amaterasu can die...?

Susano-o: It has been over a century since this world saw the advent of Vanitas...

Susano-o: It came and went, leaving only a few gods and humans in its wake.

Shiori: Vanitas did all of this...?!

Susano-o: The other gods fell victim to it as well...

Susano-o: Soon, this dark and desolate world became our new reality.

Susano-o: Demons began to emerge and in an effort to simply survive, they began hunting down humans for sustenance.

Susano-o: It became clear that humans would go extinct if that were to continue.

Susano-o: Thus, we banded together to protect the remaining few.

Susano-o: I created this wind wall to keep the other demons at bay.

Susano-o: However, children and the elderly were beginning to dominate this modest settlement.

Susano-o: So we gathered more who would be able to work and make everything function.

Susano-o: Kushinada also did what she could so that they could grow crops in darkness.

Susano-o: But they had to offer them to us so that we could keep protecting them.

Susano-o: Left to their own devices, they would have fought over these resources.

Man 2: You were trying to help us...?

Susano-o: So that we would not perish as well...

Susano-o: Unfortunately, your doubts ended up overpowering your beliefs.

Susano-o: But a century is a long time for you as well. Some of you do not even know about that day.

Susano-o: Being born into this world and having to tame this barren land, it is no wonder you now seek the light of hope, the light of my sister.

Ame-no-Uzume: You do not sound like the great warrior from the legends I have been told.

Ame-no-Uzume: You have changed, have you not...?

Susano-o: Unlike Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi, I had never ruled over any lands until now...

Susano-o: Being a ruler and a guardian is indeed more difficult than I imagined...

> Susano-o disappears...

Woman: T-The gods are all dead...?

Man 3: So we're free now?

Man 3: We can do whatever we want...?

Man 4: Monsters, look! A bunch of monsters are emerging from the darkness!

Man 2: What? Did they get through the wind wall...?!

Man 4: There is no wind wall anymore! They all came from... Nooo!

Man 1: *Scream* Somebody, help us!

Kokoro: Shionyan, the portal back's going to close soon!

Kokoro: Now's your only chance to escape!

Shiori: What?! You expect me to leave all these people to die...?!

> The world begins to warp as its screams become muffled...

Woman: P-Please, help us! Take-Minakata! Kushinada! Susano-o!

Woman: They aren't actually gone... Right?!

Elderly Man: Who the hell said that we didn't need them anymore?!

Elderly Man: Everything about Amaterasu was a lie too...!

Man 1: Who started saying that crap?!

Mizuki: *Scream* No! What are these monsters?!

Elderly Woman: They just wanted to protect us...? But nobody told us...

Man 2: We weren't really free, but they helped keep us alive?

Man 2: Why didn't they just tell us what they were doing?!

Man 4: Yeah, we wouldn't be in this mess now if they did...

Man 3: Calm down, you guys! This is the world we live in...!

Woman: But who made this world this way?!

Mizuki: *Scream* Nooo!

Mizuki: Please, help us...! I'm sorry for asking for so much...!

Demon (Incubus): *Snicker*

Mizuki: I promise not to say anything like that anymore... Please, save us...

> The ruined world fades away and the hideout comes back into view...

Shiori: That should be it. So there's no risk of our world merging with that other one...?

Kokoro: Yes. That portal closed and I'm not sensing anything else.

Shiori: Okay. I'm tired, so I'm going home now.

Ririn: W-Wait, Shionyan...!

Gakuto: Leave her alone. She needs space right now.

Ririn: How can you say that?! She needs someone to talk to!

Ririn: She's still just a girl! She has feelings too, you know?!

Gakuto: But her professionalism keeps her from showing us those feelings.

Gakuto: She'll never let her fans see that side of her. Not ever.

> At Shiori's stage, in Akihabara...

Shiori: ...

Ame-P: I like your stage. Especially the lights.

Shiori: ...

Ame-P: You just saved the world. Why the long face? Is something still bothering you?

Shiori: Those people from the other world. They were just so selfish and stupid...

Shiori: They took their existence for granted and let their doubts get the better of them, and couldn't realize what they were doing until it was too late.

Ame-P: *Chuckle* Is it not normal for humans to act in their own interests?

Shiori: That's the problem. It's normal. Even the part about learning too late.

Shiori: They're all idiots...

Ame-P: Do you regret what you did to Susano-o...?

Shiori: I have no right to. I'm the biggest idiot of them all for jumping the gun like that.

Shiori: I let myself believe that there was hope in that empty cave.

Shiori: I acted before I knew enough to make an informed decision.

Shiori: Now I realize that their world was hopeless to begin with.

Shiori: I... I just wanted that little girl to see a clear sky like she wanted...

Shiori: Then I went off and ruined everything for them.

Shiori: I'm so stupid...

Ame-P: Are you...?

Shiori: But I did what I had to in order to save this world.

Shiori: I believe that I would've done the same thing regardless of how much I knew.

Shiori: I can't hesitate. I can't doubt myself. I won't let myself believe everything is fine.

Shiori: Anyway, you'll have to leave now. I need to get ready for my show.

Ame-P: Of course. I'll show myself out.

> Outside in Akihabara...

Ame-P: She's willing to take on so much pain for the sake of this world.

Ame-P: All the while without letting her friends know about her struggle.

Ame-P: She is an idol in every sense of the world. Beautiful in so many ways.

Ame-P: Then it is settled. I shall aid her in whatever ways I can...

Ame-P: Hehe. I wonder how Amaterasu will react when I inform her of this decision.

Ame-P: Please, call for me whenever you require our help.

> Ame-P transforms!

Ame-no-Uzume: I, Ame-no-Uzume, will be there for you...

> Ame-no-Uzume rises towards the sun and vanishes.

> Shiori finds herself alone, contemplating what's unfolded...

Featured Summon Mastery Dialogue

Ame-no-Uzume: For you, I shall dance the night away.