Offering of the Crow Queen

A "Demon Alliance Invasion" raid event that premiered on September 20, 2023. It has been the best received to date.

This introduced Morrighan, the first Flight class demon in the game, and one that was frequently requested by fans. Her role is to be a high speed debuff user, introducing a stackable "spirit chain" effect to rapidly reduce the opponents defenses.

Her presence immediately shook up Dx2 Duel. She provides a key component of an offense to break apart the common Master/Legendary level defense team of Demeter, Maria, Camael and the Tenth Angel through bypassing bulwarks and turning bulky, fully panelled stall teams into paper.


> A single crow flies over Tokyo...

> It appears to be surveying the city below, but it eventually alights on the roof of an office building.

Crow: How pathetic.

> Lamenting the mortal world, it instantly shifts into a demon.

Morrighan: Evil runs rampant, and the Dragon Stream is a mess.

Morrighan: This world is utterly twisted, as every last human here continues to ooze wickedness.

Crows: Caw! Caw!

> Crows perch around Morrighan one after the other.

> Their numbers rise, and the roof is packed in the blink of an eye.

Morrighan: My brethren, this doomed world is in dire need of a Celtic hero.

Morrighan: Find those who can gather souls for me to resurrect mankind's salvation.

> Later, outside Tokyo...

Announcer: In today's news, daily crow attacks have been reported nationwide.

Announcer: Most occur within Tokyo, and more today have been confirmed.

Crows: Caw! Caw!

Employee: Eek! Help me...!

Young Man: Stay back, damn it! Get lost!!

Student: S-So much blood...! Someone, call an ambulance!

> In a park...

Elderly Citizen 1: You're the government! Fix this!

Elderly Citizen 2: Are you just going to let us die?!

Local Official: Today we will initiate a large-scale control plan!

Local Official: Those in the surrounding area should avoid travel at all costs—

Animal Control: Crap, there's a bunch more already here!!

Local Official: That's impos...*Scream*

> On a rooftop...

Cu Chulainn: This city is choked by fear.

Cu Chulainn: It would seem these aren't your average crows, but...

Cu Chulainn: It couldn't be...

> Even in the Tokyo Liberators' main Akihabara branch, the crows' numbers multiply by the day.

Crows: Caw! Caw!

Megakin: So, you're the troublemakers.

Megakin: I was just poppin' by the convenience store, but I guess this just ain't my lucky day.

> One of the crows swoops down on Megakin!

> As he protects his head and tries to drive it off—

Crow: Squawk...!

> His arm hits it.

Demon (Yatagarasu): ...To strike my sublime self with brute force is quite a feat.

Megakin: It talked?!

Megakin: Shit! Lookin' at ya now, it's obvious you're a demon!

Megakin: Don't tell me you're the one behind these crow attacks...?!

Demon (Yatagarasu): Oh? You're a human yet you can see me?

Demon (Yatagarasu): Then you must be a demon user... What perfect timing.

Demon (Yatagarasu): Lend us your aid. The end of this world draws near.

Megakin: Dunno what's so "perfect" about this, but right back at ya.

Megakin: Demon huntin' is my forte.

Megakin: I'll crush you ASAP and report back to my friends!

Megakin: Devil Download!

Part 1

> Megakin returns to the Hideout.

> Rika, Ririn, Shiang Sun, Honey and Rookie are already there.

Megakin: —And that's the lowdown.

Megakin: Their motive is unclear, but with this many crows flyin' around, it's safe to say a powerful demon is pullin' the strings.

Shiang Sun: Hmm... I'm astounded a demon could be behind this.

Shiang Sun: After all, we haven't seen any evidence of such activity.

Shiang Sun: Shoot! They slipped right under our noses...

Ririn: Ugh, whatever. No use crying over spilled milk!

Honey: Don't sweat it, Big Brother Four-Eyes.

Rika: If demons are involved, this is a job for us Liberators.

Megakin: Yep, it's back to the old grind.

Megakin: I'm countin' on y'all.

> Megakin's encouragement rouses everyone to their feet.

> Suddenly—

Crow: Caw! Caw!

Ririn: Eww! A crow got inside!

Rika: It's going to transform! Everyone, stay on your guard!

> The crow intruder shifts in the blink of an eye.

Morrighan: ...For shame, Liberators. I expected much more!

Morrighan: For humans so accustomed to surprise demon attacks, I must say you lack a proper sense of danger.

Morrighan: To even suggest such negligence might save humanity is absurd.

Morrighan: You cannot hope to stop the peril at its source—Vanitas!

Megakin: Who're you?!

Morrighan: My name is Morrighan. I am a Celtic goddess of war.

Shiang Sun: Why would a goddess of war—

Megakin: I know we just met, but how about a heads up next time?

Morrighan: Hmph. Impertinent whelp.

Morrighan: In any case, you are both demon users and capable soldiers.

Morrighan: Therefore, Liberators, heed my command.

Morrighan: I, Morrighan, shall bless you.

Morrighan: In return, you will serve me and gather enough souls to revive the Celtic heroes.

Rika: "Gather souls"...?

Ririn: Um, what?

Morrighan: Only Celtic heroes can save this world awash in chaos.

Morrighan: To resurrect them, worthy souls must be boiled in Dagda's Cauldron.

Morrighan: I require about ten million.

Morrighan: Demons who fear for this world have agreed to my plan and have already begun to reap souls under my orders.

Morrighan: You, too, will offer me the souls of this city posthaste.

Megakin: That's what the other demon meant by "lend us your aid"?!

Ririn: H-H-H-Hold up.

Ririn: Aren't you basically telling us to go out and kill people?

Shiang Sun: And ten million at that.

Shiang Sun: Isn't that almost all of Tokyo...?!

Megakin: Are you tryin' to wipe an entire city off the map, Morrighan?!

Morrighan: Perish the thought.

Morrighan: That would endanger those of us connected to you humans.

Morrighan: It's simply—an adjustment.

Morrighan: In order to quiet Vanitas, we will dilute mankind's evil.

Morrighan: The revived Celtic heroes will lead those who remain.

Morrighan: Only then will balance return to this world.

Megakin: Screw that noise!

Megakin: Your plan means sacrificin' all of Tokyo!

Morrighan: Elsewhere is also fine, but you're already here.

Morrighan: Tokyo is far more efficient. Wouldn't you agree, humans?

Megakin: You...!

Megakin: Listen up, Morrighan!

Megakin: We'll NEVER work with you.

Megakin: The Liberators won't hand over Tokyo, even to save the world!

Morrighan: We can avoid total annihilation at the cost of a single city.

Morrighan: I fail to see the issue.

CHOICE: People aren't just numbers.

Megakin: Yeah, tell her, Rookie!

CHOICE: She's got a point...

Rika: This is no time for jokes.

Rika: Or shall I put a bullet through your head right now?


Megakin: Morrighan.

Megakin: You might only see human souls as a fetch quest, but we've all got our own hopes, dreams, and ways of life.

Megakin: Salvation or not, no one deserves to have their life cut short!

Morrighan: You're too soft!

Morrighan: That naivete will allow Vanitas to run wild and bring harm to us all in the process!

Megakin: ...!

Morrighan: Very well then.

Morrighan: Although inconvenient, my subordinates' efforts will suffice.

Morrighan: The rest of you can play a tiny role in the heroes' rebirth!

Part 2

> You crush Morrighan's attack!

Ririn: Uh, wow. That was easier than I thought.

Honey: Choo-choooo! Honey is just getting warmed up!

Megakin: Hey, hey, she's already down. Let's not get crazy here.

Megakin: Between the tech and the pad, bein' a top Megatuber ain't cheap.

> The Hideout is a disaster zone in the battle's aftermath.

Ririn: Urk. Overkill much?

Ririn: Well, at least we solved the mystery of the terrorizing crows—

???: ...Hahaha! What nonsense you speak!

???: Did you think I'd lose so easily?

Shiang Sun: Huh? That voice...

> As Morrighan's disembodied laughter echoes...

> She leaves a husk of sorts behind.

Rika: Look there! It's a dead rat...!

Megakin: No way... That was a fake?!

> On the rooftops...

Morrighan: Those humans didn't even notice. Is that all they're made of?

Morrighan: No matter. —Come, my minions!

> As Morrighan calls out, crows flock to her in unison.

Morrighan: Go now! We must awaken the heroes!

Morrighan: Bring me human souls, quickly!

> Back in the hideout...

Ririn: Whoa, it's nasty outside! There are noisy crows everywhere!

Rika: I also hear screaming!

Megakin: She sure works fast...

Megakin: No time to waste. I'll contact the other branches and Dx2s.

Megakin: Y'all go on ahead to stop Morrighan and her crow-nies!

Honey: Copy that!

> At the docks...

Seiran (over the phone): —In short, the crow attacks on humans are the work of a demon.

Seiran (over the phone): If you find any, please deal with them immediately.

Vince: Got it.

Vince: Well then...

Vince: In that case, I just gotta kill 'em on sight.

Vince: Right?

Crows: Caw! Caw!

Vince: Dunno how many friends you've got, but I'm on a quick break.

Vince: I don't care about "victims" or whatever, but...

Vince: I'm here to drink great coffee, do some ocean-watching, and listen to Wagner. Your squawkin' ain't about to ruin that.

Vince: ...I finally found a decent cup of joe in this town, so don't mess with me.

Part 3

> In Akihabara...

Crows: Caw! Caw!

Child 1: Waaaaagh! Mommyyyyy!

Child 2: Save meeeee...!

Crow: Caw!

Gakuto: Like I'd let you! Devil Download!

> A demon is summoned.

Crow: Squawk!

Gakuto: Are you two hurt anywhere?! Can you run away?!

Child 1: *Wail*

Gakuto: ...That was really scary, huh?

> Gakuto stands in front of the children crouched in fear.

> He faces down the countless crows.

Gakuto: Tch, you'll even terrorize children? What a sick joke.

Crows: Caw! Caw!!

Gakuto: Ngh!

Gakuto: *Yell*

> Gakuto fights the swarm to protect the children.

> However, he slowly loses his ground as they overwhelm him.

Gakuto: (At this rate, the kids will be in danger.)

Gakuto: (Should I act as a decoy and lure these bastards away?)

Gakuto: (But if that fails, the kids are goners...)

Gakuto: (What should I—)

Crow: Caw!

Gakuto: (Crap...!)

???: Not a chance!

Crow: Squawk...!

Honey: Good work, Fatty!

Gakuto: Honey!

Honey: Get ready, you crow imposters! Hiyaaah!!

Crow: Squawk!

Crow: Gwahk!

Gakuto: Thanks, Honey! You're a lifesaver.

Honey: Don't think I did it to save YOU, Mr. Pig!

Gakuto: Haha. I'm well aware.

Honey: I may be a big baddie but I'm also a very special homunculus.

Honey: I repay my debts to my friends.

Honey: Now we're even for the camp incident!

> (Note: This is referring to the Moloch event.)

Honey: Rawr! Eat THIS!

Gakuto: ...

Gakuto: ...You make me wanna cry.

Gakuto: C'mon!!! Pull yourself together, Gakuto Inoue!

Gakuto: The horrors of war are hell enough!

Gakuto: Bring it, crows!

> In another part of the city...

Shiori: You're not going anywhere. Die!

Crow: SQUAWK...!

Shiori: ...Heh. Nothin' to it.

Jeng Yun: Shiori, your form was splendid.

Shiang Sun: You're oddly enthusiastic today.

Shiori: Yeah, well, I'm pissed off.

Shiori: The whole world is depressed thanks to this bullshit.

Shiori: Now my concerts are a bust.

Shiori: It's an obstruction of business.

Shiang Sun: ...Koden, haven't you always had a relatively low turnout?

Shiori: What was that?

Shiang Sun: Nothing.

Shiang Sun: At any rate, this is all pretty strange.

Shiang Sun: Why does Morrighan want to revive Celtic heroes in particular?

Shiang Sun: Remember what she said?

Shiang Sun: "Only Celtic heroes can save this world awash in chaos."

Shiang Sun: Wouldn't more flexibility benefit her in that department?

Jeng Yun: Shiang is right.

Jeng Yun: Morrighan could even usurp power.

Jeng Yun: So why?

Shiori: Jeez, you still don't get it?

Shiang Sun: What? Do you know the reason, Koden?

Shiori: I've got a decent guess.

Shiori: It's a dumbass story if I'm right though.

Shiori: I'll spell it out for you slowpokes—

Shiori: Apparently, Morrighan was a Celtic goddess of war who blessed any warrior who caught her fancy.

Shiang Sun: So, that's how it is...

Jeng Yun: She's a lover AND a fighter.

Shiang Sun: Then...

Shiang Sun: Doesn't that mean she's now trying to resurrect her favorites?

Jeng Yun: Back in the day, someone once said "I trust love."

Jeng Yun: Couldn't Morrighan believe the same?

Jeng Yun: She might feel she can entrust this world to her dear ones.

Shiori: I hope that's all it is.

Shiori: Among her top picks, there was one who stole her heart until his dying breath.

Shiori: I'm no psychic, but it's possible that Morrighan...

Part 4

> The long day is finally over.

> And thanks to the Dx2's efforts, no souls were collected.

Megakin: A'ight! That takes care of the crows around here.

> As silence falls, Megakin is alone in the warehouse district.

Megakin: (I'm beat... but there's no time to rest.)

Megakin: (I gotta check up on everyone else.)

Megakin: (I'll catch up with 'em in the next area that needs our help—)

???: So, your little tantrum continues.

Morrighan: Can't you see it's pointless to defy me?

Megakin: ...Hmph. Nice of ya to show up, Morrighan.

Megakin: Is someone upset they don't have any souls?

Morrighan: ...Hold your tongue!

Morrighan: I've had enough of you.

Morrighan: If you're just going to interfere, I'll take your soul now!

Morrighan: *Yell*

Megakin: Ugh!

Megakin: (She's strong!)

Morrighan: Hmph!

Morrighan: Hah!

Megakin: (Shit...!)

Megakin: (What is this power?!)

> Megakin can barely defend against Morrighan's attacks.

> Her massive strength soon drives him into a corner.

Megakin: *Groan*

Megakin: *Huff* *Huff*

Morrighan: At last, you bow to me. Fool.

Morrighan: It takes courage to challenge a goddess. However...

Morrighan: To act on emotion and misjudge one's own power is lunacy.

Morrighan: You should have given up without a fight.

> Morrighan stands before Megakin as he bows his head in defeat.

> She aims her blade at him.

Morrighan: A coward who balks at sacrifice is not a true leader.

Morrighan: Become one with the heroes before your folly dooms us all.

Morrighan: I promise your death will not be in vain.

Megakin: (Damn... Is this how it ends?)

Megakin: (I don't have the strength to beat her...)

Megakin: (But—)

> Megakin glares at Morrighan and secretly braces his legs.

Megakin: (If I wait until she swings...!)

Morrighan: Diiiiie!!

Megakin: I'll take you down with me...!!

Morrighan: ?!

> A bullet from Morrighan's blind spot repels her sword.

Megakin: That was...

Rika: I'm glad we made it in time.

Shiang Sun: That "take you down with me" part did concern me, however.

Megakin: Rika, Shiang Sun...

Jeng Yun: You have us, too.

Shiori: It'd be a pain for everyone else if you bit the dust.

Ririn: That's right!

Ririn: I mean, giving your life to save Tokyo...

CHOICE: Don't be a hero.

Megakin: Sorry. That wasn't my intention.

CHOICE: It doesn't suit you.

Megakin: ...I see. That's too bad.


Megakin: So, who wants to help me kick Morrighan's ass?

Shiang Sun: Just say the word!

Rika: I'll aim for her head next.

Part 5

> A battle for life and death begins.

Jeng Yun: Morrighan is... quite the foe!

Jeng Yun: How exhilarating! Yes, my body is on fire!

Ririn: Get nekkid later!

Gakuto: Sorry we're late!

Honey: Honey is here, too!

Vince: You're the big bad this time, eh?

> As the Liberators assemble, Morrighan clicks her tongue.

Morrighan: Why do you oppose me?

Morrighan: Together, the Celtic heroes will save this world.

Megakin: Powerful or not, they ain't worth ten million lives!

Morrighan: The rabble of a single city or this world's salvation—

Morrighan: The choice is crystal clear, isn't it?

Morrighan: Victory requires sacrifice.

Megakin: You ain't listenin'!

Megakin: We're not vain enough to believe we can save the world at zero cost.

Megakin: Even so, we're riskin' our own lives to figure out a solution!

Megakin: Us humans gotta grab hold of the future for ourselves.

Megakin: If nothin' else, I won't let anyone die at the hands of a demon like you!

Morrighan: Hmph. Your fervent speech is pointless. After all...

Morrighan: Negotiations broke down ages ago.

Morrighan: Just give up and become sustenance for my heroes!

> Immense power swells around Morrighan.

Megakin: (This is bad! Can we survive her next attack?!)

> As everyone prepares for the fight ahead, suddenly—

???: Stay your hand.

Cu Chulainn: I cannot overlook any risk to helpless townsfolk.

Megakin: You're...

CHOICE: Cu Chulainn!

Cu Chulainn: I believe we met one fine spring.

CHOICE: Who now?

Cu Chulainn: I am Cu Chulainn.


Cu Chulainn: My master gave you quite the trouble back then.

Cu Chulainn: I had hoped to enjoy a rematch at some point, yet I never imagined we would reunite like this.

> Note: This is referring to an Aura Gate Faction Event where Scathach had Rookie and the Aura Gate heroines fight Cu Chulainn for her own amusement.

Shiori: Cu Chulainn...!

Ririn: You know this guy, Shionyan?

Shiori: ...He's a famous Celtic hero.

Jeng Yun: Then he's one of the...!

Cu Chulainn: Long time no see, Morrighan.

Morrighan: Cu Chulainn... Why are you here?

Morrighan: You've already been reborn...?

> Morrighan appears somewhat shaken...

Cu Chulainn: Morrighan.

Cu Chulainn: I understand your concern for the future of this world.

Cu Chulainn: However, as a proud Celtic warrior...

Cu Chulainn: I cannot allow you to unfairly take the lives of the weak.

Cu Chulainn: I, too, seek a solution without involuntary sacrifice.

Cu Chulainn: And if that goes against your ideals—

Cu Chulainn: I shall assist these humans.

Morrighan: What?!

Megakin: You rock, Cu Chulainn!

Megakin: We've got another ally, so let's jump into this final round!


> After a fierce battle...

> The Liberators and Cu Chulainn corner Morrighan.

Megakin: *Huff* *Huff*

Morrighan: Ngh... How could I lose to mere mortals...?

Megakin: Throw in the towel already, Morrighan!

Cu Chulainn: Morrighan.

Cu Chulainn: Like I said, I understand your fear for this world's demise.

Cu Chulainn: If Vanitas destroys humanity, we'll also cease to exist.

Cu Chulainn: But as a warrior, I wish to stand beside the vulnerable.

Cu Chulainn: Will you not withdraw, Morrighan?

Cu Chulainn: If you promise to comply, in return, I vow to keep a close eye on the Liberators.

Ririn: Keep an eye on us?!

Ririn: No way! How is that fair?!

Shiori: Just shut up and listen.

Morrighan: ...You're all insane.

Cu Chulainn: Won't you leave this to me?

Cu Chulainn: That is, if I still have your trust.

Cu Chulainn: I swear on my spear, Gae Bulg, that I would never betray you.

Morrighan: ...

> Morrighan opens her mouth to speak...

Morrighan: ...If you're going to make such a large claim, prove it to me.

Megakin: !

Morrighan: But listen well, Liberators!

Morrighan: You are too soft.

Morrighan: No victory is without the cost of innocent victims.

Morrighan: I've no doubt you'll regret such ignorance one day.

Megakin: ...Then we'll just have to do our best to avoid that.

Megakin: Teamwork makes the dream work.

Morrighan: *Scoff* When that time comes, I hope you'll realize your mistake.

Morrighan: Farewell... Cu Chulainn.

> Morrighan takes a single glance back, then silently vanishes.

Ririn: Sooo... I guess she's cool with us for now?

Megakin: Looks like it.

Rika: Perhaps it's because Cu Chulainn became our ally?

Rika: Besides, he's one of the Celtic heroes she tried to summon...

Jeng Yun: No, you're mistaken!

Jeng Yun: This is LOVE, everyone!

Ririn: Huh? What's with you?

Ririn: By the way, Cu Chulainn!

Ririn: Are you really gonna watch us?

Ririn: Like, are you gonna try to kill us if we step out of line?!

Cu Chulainn: No.

Cu Chulainn: I will observe your activities and rush to your aid when trouble arises.

CHOICE: We appreciate it.

Ririn: You could've just said so!

Ririn: That scared me.

CHOICE: No thanks.

Shiang Sun: Really...? He saved our skins, you know.

Cu Chulainn: It's fine.

Cu Chulainn: I can tell your friend will open up in due time.


Megakin: Thanks again for helpin' us out, Cu Chulainn.

Megakin: It's great workin' with ya.

Cu Chulainn: Likewise.

Cu Chulainn: As a warrior, I will fight even at the cost of my own body.

Rika: You'll be a great asset.

Ririn: Still, you shouldn't talk about yourself like that...

Ririn: It'd be sad if we lost a demon who actually wants to help us.

Shiang Sun: She's right.

Shiang Sun: You're not an official Liberator demon, but you still matter.

Cu Chulainn: ...I see. I shall take your words into consideration.

Ririn: Uh-huh, sure. That's the reply of a skeptic.

Megakin: ...

Megakin: (Personal disregard, huh?)

Megakin: (We refuse to sacrifice the majority to save a select few.)

Megakin: (We've made that point clear.)

Vince: (Still...)

Vince: (Today was pure luck. Tomorrow is anyone's guess.)

Gakuto: (If we end up fighting Vanitas or some other foe, we'll probably have to "weigh the scales.")

Gakuto: (Just like Morrighan tried to do...)

Megakin: (When that time comes—)

Vince: (Those with the things to protect,)

Gakuto: (the soldiers,)

Megakin: (and their leaders...)

Megakin: (will have long since readied themselves for a fight.)

Megakin: (Even to the death.)

> The Liberators and Cu Chulainn return to the Hideout.

> A figure silently watches them.

Morrighan: Cu Chulainn... So, you were reborn long ago.

Morrighan: ...How pathetic.

Morrighan: It's been eons, yet our reunion today has filled me with unbridled joy.

Morrighan: Perhaps I desired not warriors, but instead a single hero.

Morrighan: What a fool I am...

Morrighan: ...I'll continue to watch you with keen interest, Liberators.

Morrighan: Show me the human-led future you simpletons seek and how it all works out.

> With a murmur, Morrighan turns into a crow.

> She flies high above the Liberators and into the Tokyo night sky.