Imperfect We May Be

An event quest that ran on January 20, 2021 for two weeks. This is the only event outside of Aura Gate faction events to feature Xana in any capacity.

Featured for this quest is Demiurge. A self-styled god who had to be buffed at least four times soon after this event to be acceptably competitive with better received third anniversary demons, such as Angra Mainyu and Ardha.


> Someone is gazing at what seems like moving images in the air...

???: ...

> In a laboratory...

Lilith: Consider this carefully humans. You are not so different from us as you think...

Lilith: God wants you to be ignorant...

Lilith: Remember, it was God that feared and banned the first humans from eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge...

> In an Aura Gate...

Clotho: There are still many who need your help here in this place.

Lachesis: If you help them, you will truly be a hero.

Atropos: Then both we and the humans will get what we want.

> Akihabara at night...

Jabo Kakuryu: Liberators, hear me.

Jabo Kakuryu: I broke our pact in order to come here and save humanity.

Jabo Kakuryu: Is it not I that you should ally yourselves with?

Einherjar: Be not deceived, Liberators.

Einherjar: To him, humans are no different from cattle or wild beasts.

Einherjar: He would keep humanity in cages and then claim he was saving them.

Jabo Kakuryu: To live freely at the cost of one's ultimate destruction is the height of arrogance.

Jabo Kakuryu: And humans like nothing better than to be ruled.

> Nighttime, at a park...

Azazel: I will bestow upon you some knowledge.

Man: K-Knowledge...?

Azazel: Yes. This is the forbidden knowledge that God has been keeping from you humans...

Azazel: With this power, you can mold your life to your own liking.

> In darkness...

???: ............

???: Arrogant fools...

???: Humans are my creations. How dare you interfere and grant them unneeded knowledge!

???: Now they have been tainted with it, repeating the sins of Adam and Eve to no end...

???: ...Fine.

???: All that I need to do is create the Material Universe anew.

???: A new world free of all outside interference...

???: Where Man will be innocent and obey my every word.

> This someone waves the images away with a gesture.

???: I will show them what it means to anger the one true God.

> Back at the Liberators hideout, Akihabara branch...

Shiang Sun: ...

Megakin: ...

> Everyone gathered at the hideout is silent...

(Player Name): ...

> A heavy air pervades the room.

Seiran: I'm back.

Megakin: !! How'd it go?

Seiran: ...Not well. I inspected it from every angle, but I couldn't find a way in.

Megakin: Damn...

Megakin: Well, thanks for the effort though. You were a great help.

Megakin: Now then... We're back to square one...

Rika: ...

Ririn: ...

Megakin: Yo! Being sullen ain't gonna change our situation aight?!

Megakin: Let's just go over what we know right now and try to work somethin' out from there.

Megakin: Shiang Sun, can you brief us through the facts?

Shiang Sun: Sure.

Shiang Sun: The incident began around two weeks ago.

Shiang Sun: A dome-like wall has suddenly appeared and enveloped Ikebukuro, as well as the surrounding radius of a few kilometers.

Shiang Sun: ...No signs of anything outside the norm was detected beforehand.

Shiang Sun: A few days after the appearance of the dome, humanoid monster sightings began to surface.

Shiang Sun: They seem to be walking about the streets close to the wall.

Gakuto: They'll attack when being approached, but will do nothing if you maintain your distance. At least for now.

Gakuto: They don't stray very far from the wall, but just them being there is spooky as hell.

Gakuto: The police have placed armed officers in the areas surrounding the wall, but as you can imagine anxiety and fear is spreading through the general public.

Gakuto: And this may or may not be related to the wall, but stray demons and other strange occurrences have increased as well.

Gakuto: That about sums it up.

Megakin: ...Yup.

Megakin: The dome's a big problem of course, but I'm also concerned about the increase in demons.

Megakin: I also think we might be able to find some clues related to the dome if we look into this a bit, so we're gonna split up into two teams to patrol the area.

Megakin: If you find anything even slightly unusual, call it in. Aight?

Megakin: Then let's go!

Part 1

Rika: Let's begin then.

Xana: I can't believe you even dragged me into this...

Megakin: *Chuckle* Well, ya gotta pay the rent some time.

Xana: You're saying that you want me to use my body to pay for room and board.

Megakin: Yo, that sounds way too inappropriate it ain't even funny!

Xana: Let me see...

> Only a handful of people can be seen walking the streets, and they all do so in a hurry...

Xana: Hmm, the rumors are true. There's not a lot of people out here.

Gakuto: Yeah, it used to be crowded here all the time though.

Xana: Even so, there are a few people here and there.

Xana: If there are dangerous monsters out on the prowl, shouldn't people be staying home?

Xana: They must be crazy to be coming out for work or recreation at a time like this.

Xana: Or is this the Normalcy Bias thing I keep hearing about?

Gakuto: I have no idea where you hear these things from man, especially when you never leave your room...

Seiran: I hear that a lot of people have left Tokyo to take refuge somewhere else, but not everybody can do that.

Gakuto: Well this place is pretty far from the dome, and the monsters never come this far out.

Gakuto: I guess people think it's a safe distance.

Xana: I see.

Xana: Aren't we going to take a look inside that weird dome?

Megakin: Believe me we tried.

Megakin: Everything from explosives to demon attacks. We couldn't get through.

Megakin: We thought it might be related to the Aura Gate or the Dragon Stream, so we called Seiran to check it out, but that didn't work either.

Xana: What were the "humanoid monsters" like?

Gakuto: Visually, they kinda look like the Homunculi.

Gakuto: They're shaped like humans, but they have no face.

Rika: But still, they're different from the Homunculi that we've seen in the past.

Rika: These are... inhuman. That's the only word I can think of to describe them.

Rika: Their form is similar to that of a human's, but you can't feel anything that even resembles a consciousness or emotion underneath...

Xana: Hmmm... Okay, I understand now.

> CHOICE: Do you really?

Xana: Of course I do.


Xana: How rude. There's nothing to be worried about, I got this.


Xana: This shit's fubar. Snafu. Stuff like that.

Xana: I totally get it.

Gakuto: The hell you do!

???: *Scream*

Xana: !!

Seiran: That scream... It came from over there! Let's go!

> At the place where there's trouble...

Woman: *Pant* *Cough*

Man 1: Shit! What the hell are these things?!

Man 1: They're nothing like the faceless monsters...!

Demon (Preta): Kak kak kak!

Megakin: Whoa! They're being attacked by demons?!

Megakin: Shit, the demons have already spread as far as here...?

Man 1: Tsk... I'll try and clear a way out!

Man 1: You run while they're occupied with me!

Man 2: Are you insane? Can't you see she can't run anymore?!

Man 1: She's got no choice!

Man 1: Here goes nothing!

> One of the men attacks the demons with a baseball bat!

Rika: That guy's just a normal person! He'll die!

Megakin: Time to jump in!

Part 2

Rika: Are you alright?

Man 1: Y-Yeah...

Man 1: Thanks for helping me, but...

> The man points his baseball bat at you...!

Man 1: You were controlling monsters just like the ones that attacked us!

Man 1: Who the hell are you people?

Woman: *Cough*

Man 2: ...

Gakuto: Well, I guess we had that coming. It's a perfectly normal reaction, too.

Megakin: Aight, just chill man. I'll explain everything.

Man 2: Hey, wait a minute... Y-You're Megakin! That Mega Tuber...

Megakin: Good, someone who recognizes me. Appreciate it.

Megakin: Now, what I'm about to tell you is all true.

Megakin: It might be a little hard to believe, but ya gotta listen...

> Time passes...

Man 2: I see...

Man 2: Demons and Dx2s... I get the picture.

Man 2: Then I guess we have to thank you for saving our lives.

CHOICE: You're not surprised?

Man 2: Yeah I'm surprised. Hard to believe too.

Man 2: But I guess I'm handling it better than those two.

CHOICE: You believe us?

Man 2: With what's been going on in this city lately, nothing surprises me anymore

Man 2: Given what just happened, what you said don't sound all that crazy to me.

Man 2: Those two, on the other hand, look completely baffled.


Man 1: D-Demons...? What is this? A fucking fantasy novel?

Woman: Downloading demons? With your smartphones...?

Gakuto: Oh, yeah... As I said, perfectly normal reaction...

Rika: We don't get that very often though. It's kind of refreshing.

Man 1: Well I got no idea what the hell's going on but...

Man 1: I'm guessing that you guys can do something about those demons, right?

Xana: I think so. We are moderately strong.

Man 1: Okay, then you've got to come with us!

Xana: ...Huh?

Part 3

Gakuto: Hold on, what are you trying to do here?!

Man 1: I wanna do something about those demons. That's why I'm asking for your help.

Rika: This is not a game you know? All of us can die if we lose.

Rika: Especially you, who for some reason wants to fight demons even though you have no means of defeating them.

Man 1: Okay. Then how about you share that App with us and we'll do it ourselves?

Man 1: That way you won't be risking your lives for us and...

Megakin: It's not that simple.

Man 1: C'mon man! Stop being so stingy!

Xana: ...This is impossible.

Man 2: Okay, excuse me! Sorry to break this up, but if you would please just stop for a minute!

Man 1: What the hell man! I'm talking here!

Man 2: Trust me, okay?

Man 2: Just let me handle this. Go check on Akane for me, okay Sota?

Man 1 (Sota): ...Tsk.

Man 2: Sorry about that.

Man 2: He means well, but he's got a very aggressive personality so...

Man 2: Anyway, let me introduce ourselves.

Man 2: That girl there is Akane, and the bratty one over there is Sota.

Sota: Hey, who're you calling bratty?! You know what your problem is? You never know when to stop it with the wise cracks!

Natsuki (Man 1): *Chuckle* And you can call me Natsuki.

Seiran: So... Akane, Sota and Natsuki.

Seiran: What are the three of you doing here?

Seiran: Even though the dome's pretty far away, you can't really say it's completely safe out here.

Natsuki: I guess it's no use lying, so I'm just going to lay it all out.

Natsuki: Strange things have been happening, right?

Natsuki: I mean with that weird dome appearing out of nowhere, then the faceless monsters...

Natsuki: So we've been investigating into these things on our own, to the extent of our capabilities of course.

Xana: Wait.

Xana: You can't summon demons, right?

Xana: And you're not physically tough enough to fight demons directly, either.

Seiran: Not even we can do that. Except for Jeng Yun of course.

Sota: But what happened with those demons just now was actually the first time we were attacked.

Sota: I mean, we didn't even know those things existed, so how were we supposed to prepare for them?

Sota: We could handle ourselves well enough against them faceless things though.

Gakuto: ...What?

Gakuto: Don't tell me that you guys have... gone against one of those things before?

Sota: Heh, that's right!

Akane: We can't actually defeat them, but we know how to immobilize them for a short time...

Megakin: Well, that was unexpected.

Megakin: I'd like to hear more, but before that...

Rika: Ah yes.

Rika: Would the three of you get behind me please?

Rika: ...Demons incoming!

Part 4

Akane: Wow... That was really something...

Megakin: Now do you get what I mean?

Megakin: It's dangerous to go near the dome without the ability to fight demons.

Megakin: You should all leave, right?

Akane: ...N-No.

Megakin: No? What do you mean no?

Akane: We're not trying to defeat those faceless monsters or get rid of the dome, we know we can't achieve anything big like that.

Akane: But if nothing's done about this... If somebody doesn't find something that can lead to an answer, I have a feeling that all will be lost.

Megakin: ...

Sota: The police are guarding the front lines in case something happens, right?

Natsuki: An army of scholars and scientists are examining the dome and trying to figure it out as we speak.

Natsuki: There are people out there acting out to try and solve the problem, and none of them can fight demons.

Natsuki: Are you saying we should do nothing, and leave all that burden on them?

Natsuki: It's our world too. All of us!

Natsuki: Isn't that reason enough to be a bit reckless? We're desperate.

CHOICE: Let's take them with us.

Rika: Wait... Are you serious, Rookie?!

Rika: There's no guarantee we'll be able to protect them!

Seiran: You're right, but...

Seiran: I think these kids will go anyway if we leave them here.

CHOICE: Send them home.

Akane: If you won't take us with you, that's fine. It's a shame, but we won't press you any further.

Akane: We will, however, continue our investigation as best we can.

Akane: Even though I'm scared...


Megakin: Then...

Megakin: ...I guess it's part of the Liberators' job to protect civilians.

Akane: Then you'll....

Megakin: If we run into demons, back away behind us.

Megakin: We'll handle the demons, don't even try to get involved. Deal?

Natsuki: Hurray! Thank you!

Sota: Things'll be way easier now that we got backup!

Akane: We promise we won't be any trouble to you! I swear!

Part 5

Seiran: Phew... Are you okay?

Akane: Y-Yes. I'm sorry...

Akane: That demon looked so terrifying that I just froze...

Xana: And you thought it was a good idea to come along and investigate? Incredible.

Akane: ...Oh!

Xana: W-What is it?

Akane: You're hurt!

Xana: Huh? Oh this. Got scratched up a bit in that skirmish just now.

Xana: It's nothing.

Akane: That won't do! I'll take care of this. It's the least I could do...

Akane: Natsuki, can you please hand me the first aid kit in your backpack?

Natsuki: Right away. Is this it?

Akane: Yes, thanks.

Akane: Umm, Xana? May I?

Xana: ...Really, I'm fine.

Xana: But if you insist...

Akane: Thanks. Here now...

> Akane attends to Xana's wound with brisk adeptness...

Gakuto: Hey, you're pretty good at that.

Sota: Right? Akane's aspiring to be a doctor.

Seiran: Really? That's very admirable.

Akane: Oh it's just a dream... I haven't actually done anything about it yet.

Akane: I wasn't born with very good health...

Akane: My body can't endure hard exercise.

Akane: I want to become a doctor so I can find a way to remedy this...

Akane: I wonder if it's too late when I become an adult?

Seiran: Of course not.

Seiran: When you're all good and ready to go, want to learn kung fu?

Akane: *Giggle* That'd be nice.

Akane: ...Here, it's done. Does it still hurt?

Xana: No. You're very good. Didn't know you were a white mage.

Akane: W-White mage?

Gakuto: Oh, don't mind her.

Akane: If anyone gets hurt, just tell me okay?

Akane: I want to help in any way I can.

Xana: ...

Part 6

> Your team moves on to the next sector, surveying the streets as you move along.

> They are completely empty...

Rika: So this sector has been completely evacuated?

Gakuto: We're getting closer to the wall.

Gakuto: I've never heard of the faceless things coming here, but I guess the people didn't want to take any chances.

Natsuki: Yes, those things haven't come this far yet.

Xana: You stand by that opinion?

Natsuki: Yes. We marked down all the places where they are found.

Natsuki: You can relax, Xana.

Xana: Well, then that must be a normal person.

Faceless Monster: ...

Gakuto: That's a faceless monster! What the hell!

Natsuki: Wait... Huh?

Demon (Black Ooze): Gruh...

Gakuto: Demons too?!

Gakuto: Goddammit! We have to engage!

Part 7

Megakin: Is that all of them?

Rika: Yeah, I think that faceless thing got caught in the line of fire.

Rika: Unlike demons, it doesn't seem to dissipate...

Faceless Monster: ......

Sota: Oh, you can't really kill these things, it'll get up after a while.

Akane: So not even demons can kill it. I guess it's got nothing to do with the method then...

Gakuto: Damn, you kids aren't even fazed...

Gakuto: You've fought these things many times before, I assume?

Gakuto: Hmm, they do move at a slow and regular pace. I bet that people trained in hand to hand combat like me and Jeng Yun should be able to take them down just fine. But...

Seiran: Even so, a normal person would be too terrified to even think of fighting them...

Xana: Natsuki, what was it that you said about these things again? About them never coming here?

Xana: You can say your excuses now, I'm all ears.

Natsuki: That's so odd...

Sota: Yeah, it is odd. I mean for real. Isn't that right, Akane?

Akane: Yes... this is the farthest they've been from the dome.

Akane: This has never happened before...

Megakin: Really?

Akane: So far, the faceless monsters never went beyond a certain distance from the dome.

Akane: We've been monitoring them ever since we started the investigation, so there's no doubt about that.

Akane: But now we find one that has crossed that threshold, that would mean that...

CHOICE: There was a change in their habitat.

Megakin: The environment around the wall has changed somehow, forcing them out...

Megakin: Maybe they lost their territory to the increasing demons or somethin'?

Akane: But those monsters have no sense of territory at all.

CHOICE: Maybe it's a scout?

Akane: A scout...

Akane: They do move every systematically. Maybe someone's controlling them...


Akane: There's also one other possibility...!

Akane: ...The wall itself is expanding, and the monsters are expanding their range with it.

Megakin: ......!

Part 8

Seiran: If the dome itself is expanding, that means...

Seiran: It's invading this side of the world, trying to swallow everything up?

Seiran: And the monsters around the wall are sentries to keep us humans away?

Megakin: Then we're doing exactly what it wants us to do.

Megakin: We know too little about the dome and the monsters, so even the police have kept their distance just to be on the safe side.

Megakin: Them not attacking unless someone draws near is what does the trick.

Megakin: If they're slowly expanding while we are held at bay by this... then everything might be too late by the time we notice something's wrong!

Seiran: ...Let's go somewhere else that's about the same distance from the dome.

Seiran: For all we know, this might just be a coincidence.

Seiran: We need to see if that expansion theory holds up in other sectors as well before jumping to conclusions.

> In another sector...

Gakuto: This place looks pretty much deserted...

Akane: No, look!

Faceless Monster: ...

Faceless Monster: ...

Gakuto: Shit, they're here! And more than one...!

Akane: Then we must assume that this place is already the wall's "surrounding area".

Faceless Monster: ...!

Faceless Monster: ...!

Seiran: Oh no, they've spotted us.

Rika: Demons are coming out of the woodwork as well. Let's take them all down!

Part 9

Megakin: That about proves it.

Megakin: The wall is slowly expanding.

Megakin: The faceless monsters are acting as sentries to keep people away.

Gakuto: They're strange monsters that can't be killed. If they don't attack until someone gets close, people will usually stay away to avoid unexpected trouble.

Gakuto: But that's all a ploy, and it successfully kept people away while the dome expanded without being noticed.

Seiran: We've been had...

Seiran: The situation's getting worse by the minute, and we still have no idea who's behind this and what their motives are...

Seiran: And the closer we get to the wall, the more the demons... This sector's become a dangerous place already.

Xana: But we still can't get inside the dome...

Xana: Even if there is a way in, how are we going to find it?

Xana: There's too much ground to cover, it'll take days just to circle something that big.

Akane: A way in... ...!

> Akane takes out a pocketbook and starts to scribble something!

Gakuto: W-What're you doing?

Natsuki: That handbook is a record of the time and place of all our encounters with those monsters.

Natsuki: What is Akane doing indeed...

Akane: Listen everyone!

> Akane shows everyone the pocketbook.

> Drawn on the pages is a simple map with many markings and dates on it.

Akane: Those things are very well organized... No, it's more like...

Akane: They're following a very simple set of commands without fault.

Akane: They may look like they're wandering around aimlessly, but they're not.

Akane: They're patrolling a perimeter in a predetermined route, according to a set schedule.

Akane: They start somewhere, walk the beat, then they return.

Akane: That "somewhere" might be the way into the dome.

Megakin: ...I see.

Megakin: We started with zero clues, but now we just might have somethin' here.

Sota: And it's all thanks to you Akane! Well done!

Natsuki: Bravo!

Akane: *Blush* Well, I'm just glad to be of some help...

Megakin: But to pinpoint the exact location, we'll need more info right?

Akane: Oh, that's right... We might not have the time to gather and analyze all that information...

Megakin: Don't worry, just leave that to us.

Akane: ...?

Megakin: Yo! Shionyan! Chalk Eater!

Megakin: Megakin here.

Shiori (over the phone): Why do you sound all excited?

Shiori (over the phone): Have you finally gone mad from the lack of progress?

Shiang Sun (over the phone): Or maybe he's excited because he found something?

Megakin: Yup. It's the latter.

Megakin: I got a job for you two. This should be right up your alley.

Megakin: I'm sending you some data right now. Add that to the data from our own investigations, then use that to analyze somethin' for me, will ya?

Megakin: I'm countin' on you two geniuses, aight?

Part 10

> Your team is spying on a certain location.

> The wall looms before you...

Rika: This is the place... Right?

Megakin: Yeah, according to Shionyan and Shiang Sun's analysis.

Megakin: It's about five minutes prior to the estimated time of arrival...

Xana: There are demons around, but no sign of those faceless things.

Gakuto: Have faith in Shionyan. With her, there can be no fault.

Megakin: Aren't you forgetting someone by the name of Shiang Sun...?

Seiran: ...! Everybody, look!

Faceless Monster: ...

Faceless Monster: ...

Seiran: Astonishing. They really do return to a designated point.

Megakin: And only a two minute difference with the estimation. Those two really are good.

Seiran: I don't see them entering the dome...

Megakin: Well, if we're gonna take a look around, we should clear out the place first.

Gakuto: We're here because of Shionyan's analysis!

Gakuto: I won't let her efforts go to waste!

Part 11

Gakuto: We're clear.

Megakin: The closer we are to the wall, the more demons and faceless monsters we encounter.

Megakin: Let's get this over with before more of them show up.

> A while later...

Gakuto: Shit... Nothing.

Rika: There's no portal, no secret passage, nothing...

Megakin: ...We should call it a day.

Megakin: It's too dangerous to stay here for too long, and we got no lead anyway.

Megakin: We found the location of a possible entrance.

Megakin: Let's head back and regroup. Then we'll figure something out.

Akane: (...No, there most be something here. Something...)

Akane: ...E-Excuse me!

Megakin: What is it, Akane?

Akane: I know this is a lot to ask, but I want to stay here and investigate a little bit longer.

Part 12

Megakin: ...As I just said, there are a lot of demons and monsters here by the wall.

Megakin: It's too dangerous to stay for too long.

Akane: B-But...

Natsuki: ...

Natsuki: Please listen to her.

Natsuki: If Akane is being this adamant about it, she's probably got something.

Sota: I agree!

Sota: Please, you're the only ones who can buy her the time she needs. We can't do this on our own.

Sota: So...

Megakin: ...Aight.

Megakin: But I can't promise you'll get all the time you need.

Megakin: We'll hold out for as long as we can, but when I say we've reached the limit and it's time to go, we go. Got it?

Akane: ...! Thank you!

Seiran: And speak of the devil. They're coming in hot!

Part 13

Seiran: ...Phew. All taken care of... Aw shucks.

Megakin: The next wave's here! Stay on your toes!

> Time passes...

Megakin: *Pant*

Gakuto: You alive Megakin?

Megakin: Still kickin' man! But here we go again!

> More time passes...

Rika: ......

Sota: Akane! You done yet?!

Akane: S-Sorry, I'm still...

Gakuto: Sota, look out!

Faceless Monster: ...!!

Sota: !! Sorry, I wasn't looking!

Sota: Shit... They're already getting back up!

> Yet more time passes...

Xana: ...Is it over?

Gakuto: No, there's no knowing when the next attack will come, so stay alert.

Xana: ...I know that.

Gakuto: I hope so.

Akane: ... I have to do something... I have to...

Natsuki: ...

Natsuki: (...Everyone's tired and stressed out from the tension, and Akane's not thinking straight because of the pressure.)

Natsuki: (All this negativity... It's not a good sign.)

Part 14

Megakin: ...We've reached our limit. We're done.

Megakin: Let's take advantage of this break and retreat.

Akane: ...!

Sota: Wait! We're so close! We can't retreat!

Sota: If we hold on just a bit longer, we might be able to get in!

Megakin: Remember what we agreed on?

Megakin: When I say we've reached the limit and it's time to go, we go.

Sota: But...!

Sota: We haven't reached the limit yet! I can still fight!

> Sota grabs Megakin by the collar.

Akane: S-Sota...!

Megakin: If you think you can fight demons on bravado alone, you're just gonna die like a dog!

Seiran: Hey! Megakin?! Not you too! Stop!

> Just as Megakin is about to grab Sota's collar in return...

Natsuki: Alright guys, time out.

> Natsuki slides himself between them.

Sota: Outta my way Natsu... *Gurgle*

Natsuki: Chew on that for a while, okay Sota?

Natsuki: Here Megakin. You take some too.

Megakin: ...Chocolate?

Natsuki: Yeah. You guys look pretty worn out.

Natsuki: The attacks have finally subsided for the time being, so I thought we could recharge a bit. Leave or stay, we'll need the energy.

Natsuki: Now let's eat first, then we can talk. Okay?

Megakin: *Sigh* You're right, sorry about that.

Natsuki: Sorry for what? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Megakin: ...Well, ummm... Forget it.

Natsuki: So, how about a little snack everyone?

Natsuki: There's an assortment of flavors here, so grab whatever you like.

Natsuki: You guys must be thirsty too right? Here, have some beverages!

Sota: Dude, where do you carry all that stuff?

Natsuki: In my backpack of course. I have a backup weapon for you in there as well.

Sota: Huh?! WTF man! Why didn't you tell me?!

Natsuki: I'm telling you now.

Xana: ...

Seiran: ...That was a very impressive move on Natsuki's part.

Seiran: Those two were about to come to blows, but he interjected as if nothing has happened.

Seiran: And because he acted just as he normally does, it snapped them back to normal.

Xana: That's what that was?

Seiran: Yes.

Seiran: He claims that he's just here to carry the baggage because he doesn't have Akane's brains nor the brawn of Sota, but being able to read the room and avert conflicts is a talent unto itself.

Natsuki: Hi there Xana, have some chocolates.

Xana: Oh, right. Thank you.

Natsuki: Hey, I should be thanking you. I'm the one being protected remember? The least I could do was accommodate.

Natsuki: By the way...

Natsuki: That was so freaking horrifying! I mean did you see the look on their faces? OMG!

Natsuki: I thought I was going to get pummeled from both sides!

Natsuki: You know, me and my face are both glad that things turned out for the better.

Xana: ...You're really remarkable Natsuki.

Natsuki: Huh? Why do you say that?

Xana: No particular reason. And BTW, there are demons right behind you.

Natsuki: Why didn't you say so?!

Part 15

Natsuki: OMG, I thought I was dead for sure...

Xana: Stop being so melodramatic.

Sota: Natsuki! You okay?

Megakin: Are you hurt?

Natsuki: Yeah I'm fine.

Natsuki: Looks like you two are fine too. Now, what shall we do?

Megakin: !!

Megakin: ...I still think we should pull back.

Megakin: We can always come back here better prepared.

Sota: You're... right, but...

Sota: ...Hey, Akane!

Akane: H-Here!

Sota: How much longer do you think you'll need?

Megakin: !

Akane: What? I-I'm not really sure... T-This kind of thing is...

Sota: An estimation will be fine. How much time do you want?

Akane: ...!

Akane: ...Another ten minutes.

Akane: Just give me another ten minutes and I'll work something out!

Sota: Got it.

> With that Sota gets down on his knees with both hands touching the ground.

Sota: Megakin, sir...

Sota: Please, give Akane another ten minutes.

Sota: If things don't work out then, we'll retreat.

Sota: I beg of you!!

> Sota bows, his forehead touching the ground...

Akane: Sota...

Natsuki: If that still doesn't appease you, I'll beg too.

Natsuki: Please...

Megakin: ...Shit.

Megakin: Aight fine. We'll do it.

Megakin: We'll buy another ten minutes for Akane.

Sota: !! Thank you!

Seiran: *Chuckle* Moved by their determination, are we?

Megakin: Can it, Gatekeeper.

Megakin: I'm not cold blooded, you know?

Megakin: Sorry guys for not consulting with you. You all good to go?!

Megakin: Then let's go people! Time to look alive!

Part 16

Megakin: Guys, hold fast! Five more minutes to go!

Rika: They sure picked a great time to come at us en masse...!

Gakuto: I can't see beyond them... We're totally surrounded.

Seiran: These odds... We might be in a bit of a jam.

Megakin: Well jam or no jam, we got no other choice but to fight.

Megakin: Even if we retreat now, we'll still need to break through their ranks.

Megakin: So we fight our way outta this!

Gakuto: Fighting our way out...!

Seiran: Watch out, Meat boy!

Gakuto: !!

Gakuto: We're not gonna last very long like this...

Sota: (I can't fight demons, but if I can at least draw those faceless monsters away...)

Rika: You're not getting through me! Ya!

Demon (Orthrus): Arrgh!

Sota: (...Now!)

Sota: *Yell*

Natsuki: ?! Sota, what are you...!

> Sota charges straight into a swarm of demons and monsters!

Demon (Oni): Where do you think you're going?!

Sota: Oof!

> The demon's claws graze Sota's ribs...!

> But Sota continues to dodge and manages to break through the crowd!

Sota: Now comes the easy part...!

Sota: Hey! Faceless guys!!

Sota: Come and catch me!

> Sota takes his bat and swings it at a street light pole!

> The loud ringing of metal clashing on metal echoes through the entire block.

Faceless Monster: ?!!!!

Faceless Monster: ?!!

Seiran: The monsters are confused...!

Megakin: Now's our chance! Wipe them out!

Part 17

Rika: *Pant*

Gakuto: Did we... Get them?

> There are no more demons in sight.

> The faceless monsters lie motionless on the ground.

Sota: Hehe, gotcha you bastards...

Natsuki: Sota! Why were you so reckless...

Natsuki: You could've died!

Sota: We're all alive aren't we? It's all good.

Natsuki: You crazy sonovabitch... Gambling with your life like that...

Sota: That wasn't a gamble, I had a plan and it worked!

Sota: Akake said that those things are very systematic, right?

Sota: That they're following a very simple set of commands.

Rika: Yes she did, and?

Sota: People who only obey orders usually panic in an unforeseen situation, so I thought those things would as well.

Xana: That is a gamble fool.

Sota: Well it worked. Get off my case.

Xana: *Sigh* I guess you're right. Good thinking.

Akane: ...Oh, it's open!

Megakin: ?!

> Everyone gathered around Akane.

> A hole had opened up on the dome wall.

Akane: It opened...

Megakin: Good work! Now we can get in.

Megakin: Thanks Akane.

Akane: No, um... It wasn't me. It was thanks to Xana.

Xana: M-Me?

Akane: It was you who pointed out that there may be an entrance.

Akane: That's how we got this far. So, thank you!

Xana: Oh... Okay...

Xana: ... Um... What is the normal human response in this situation?

Sota: Huh? What kind of a question is that?

Sota: Just say thank you, that's all that's needed.

Xana: Good to know. THANK YOU.

Akane: Hehe, it was my pleasure!

Natsuki: Wow Xana, that's a big win for you!

Xana: Please do not touch me Natsuki, I think I'm going to be sick.

Natsuki: Do you hate me that much?

Gakuto: Guys, it's not bad to celebrate, but we got more ahead of us. So we have to stay sharp.

Seiran: You're right. This is where the fun really begins.

Seiran: ...What are you three going to do?

Seiran: Things are only going to get tougher.

Seiran: We've managed to get this far, but...

Natsuki: And we will see you to the end, right guys?

Sota: Yup.

Akane: Of course.

Megakin: ...That settles it! Aight, let's go!

> Together, they step into the dome...

Part 18

Rika: Oh my god...

Rika: I certainly wasn't expecting the dome to look like this on the inside...

Megakin: I'm kinda getting an Aura Gate vibe here. What do you think?

Seiran: No... No. This place is something entirely different.

Seiran: This is beyond Dragon Streams and disruptions in the Chi flow...

Seiran: I'm not sure how to put this, but it feels like someone turned the world inside out and is tinkering with it.

Seiran: It's that bad.

Akane: Did this really used to be a part of our world...?

Xana: Compared to this, what's happening on the outside doesn't feel surreal at all.

Gakuto: No time to gawk guys, we got demons incoming. Take 'em out!

Part 19

Megakin: Phew... Aight.

Megakin: So we gotta do somethin' about this place or things will go south...

Rika: Yes, but the problem is we have no idea how to go about it.

Rika: If only we knew where the perp is...

Natsuki: Oh, then just look over there.

> Natsuki points at a tower like building soaring high above the sky.

Natsuki: Judging from the dome's position, it sprouted from that structure.

Natsuki: I think it's what used to be Ikebukuro Eclipse Tower.

Megakin: ...It doesn't get more obvious than that. C'mon, let's go check it out.

Megakin: There'll be demons along the way, so stay sharp!

Part 20

Megakin: ...Here we are. The base of the Eclipse Tower.

Seiran: So to get in...

Demon (Yaksini): Hehehe...

Demon (Shadow): Gruh...

Seiran: We have to go through them.

Gakuto: That's a lot of demons, accompanied by faceless monsters.

Sota: Then I'll help.

Rika: Wha...!

Sota: Of course I'll leave the demons to you guys, I'm helpless against them.

Sota: But you can leave those faceless guys to me. I'll draw them away.

Sota: And don't tell me to stay out of the fight, we're past that point okay?

Rika: B-But what if something were to happen...!

Xana: ...Just let him do it.

Xana: He won't listen to you anyway.

Xana: I can keep an eye on him, so the rest of you can focus on the demons.

Rika: Xana...?

CHOICE: We'll leave him to you then.

Xana: Yeah, you can count on me.

Rika: You're agreeing to this too?!

Rika: ...Alright, you can deal with the faceless monsters. Good luck.

Sota: ...Heh!

Sota: Thanks for having my back, Xana!

CHOICE: I'll help.

Xana: You're coming too?

Xana: Then success is guaranteed. No problemo.

Rika: ...Alright. Good luck.

Sota: Yeah! Thanks guys, I'll be counting on ya!


Seiran: I'll look after Natsuki and Akane then.

Megakin: Aight, everyone know what they're supposed to do? Then on my signal...

Megakin: 3, 2, 1... Go!

Part 21

Sota: Yeah! Got 'em!

Rika: We're finished here as well!

Seiran: Good job everybody.

Akane: Is anybody hurt? I can provide First Aid...

Gakuto: We're good. Thanks anyway.

Megakin: Aight then, get ready guys.

Megakin: Cuz we should be able to find whoever is behind this inside.

Part 22

> The top floor of the otherworldly Ikebukuro Eclipse Tower...

Megakin: ...! Found you at last.

> A demon is looking outside from the observation deck.

Megakin: So you're the mastermind behind all this.

Megakin: Who are you and why are you doing this?

??? (Demiurge): ... What a shame...

??? (Demiurge): Man, questioning my actions.

??? (Demiurge): It is unbelievable how far you have been led astray... How degenerate you have become......

Megakin: ...What? Degenerate? What are you talkin' about?

??? (Demiurge): They are unaware. How sad.

??? (Demiurge): ...Very well. I will tell you the truth.

??? (Demiurge): Consider this my mercy.

Demiurge: My name is Demiurge.

Demiurge: I am the Creator of this world and everything in it. That includes you, son of Man.

Gakuto: You're... The Creator of our world?!

Demiurge: This world has become impure. Flawed.

Demiurge: And it was the work of lesser demons who brought about this imperfection.

Rika: What is he saying...?

Demiurge: You should know.

Demiurge: You have encountered foolish demons that tempted you with knowledge in the past.

> Demiurge waves his hand, and images appear out of nowhere.

> In a laboratory...

Lilith: Consider this carefully humans. You are not so different from us as you think...

Lilith: God wants you to be ignorant...

Lilith: Remember, it was God that feared and banned the first humans from eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge...

> In an Aura Gate...

Clotho: There are still many who need your help here in this place.

Lachesis: If you help them, you will truly be a hero.

Atropos: Then both we and the humans will get what we want.

> Akihabara at night...

Jabo Kakuryu: Liberators, hear me.

Jabo Kakuryu: I broke our pact in order to come here and save humanity.

Jabo Kakuryu: Is it not I that you should ally yourselves with?

Einherjar: Be not deceived, Liberators.

Einherjar: To him, humans are no different from cattle or wild beasts.

Einherjar: He would keep humanity in cages and then claim he was saving them.

Jabo Kakuryu: To live freely at the cost of one's ultimate destruction is the height of arrogance.

Jabo Kakuryu: And humans like nothing better than to be ruled.

> Nighttime, at a park...

Azazel: I will bestow upon you some knowledge.

Man: K-Knowledge...?

Azazel: Yes. This is the forbidden knowledge that God has been keeping from you humans...

Azazel: With this power, you can mold your life to your own liking.

> Back to the otherworldly Ikebukuro Eclipse Tower...

Megakin: Those are...

Megakin: Demons we've fought in the past...?

Demiurge: Without permission from me, the one true God and Lord of this world, these lowly entities have interfered with human affairs and given Man knowledge.

Demiurge: That is why humanity has fallen into degradation, their perfection tainted.

Demiurge: And now, they have sunk so low that they would use their evil knowledge to defy me, their Maker.

Demiurge: Just as you are doing now.

Megakin: ...!

Demiurge: That is why I have decided to create the world anew, for it has been defiled beyond redemption.

Demiurge: The new world that is to come will be perfect. A paradise beyond the reach of those demons.

Demiurge: And I will have complete control.

Megakin: WTF...

Megakin: You want to reset everything just cuz things didn't turn out the way you wanted?!

Megakin: To hell with you man! You don't have the right!

Demiurge: You ask why I would do such a thing.

Megakin: ...

Demiurge: Do not question, all you have to do is obey.

Demiurge: That is the role of Man in the new world.

Xana: ...This guy's so evil, I'm going to hurl.

Demiurge: Heh... Enough talk.

Demiurge: Servants, apprehend the humans.

Megakin: Shit! Demons! Everybody engage!

Part 23

Demiurge: ...!!

Demiurge: Demon Summon...

Demiurge: Just another one of the things those pesky demons taught Man...

Demiurge: And now they dare confront me with it...

Demiurge: What insolence.

Demiurge: ......!!

> Demiurge summons even more demons!

> A whole army of demons fills the entire floor of the tower, and they all have their eyes trained on your team.

Seiran: Wha...! All those demons in one summon?!

Demiurge: Attack.

Demon (Legion): *Roar*

> The demons all attack at once!

Gakuto: Stay together! They'll pick you off if you get separated!

Xana: I know, but there's so many of them I can't see anything!

Xana: This numbers game thing is so dumb!

???: Noooo!!!

???: Aaaah!

Megakin: That voice... It's Akane!

Megakin: Shit! They've been captured!

Part 24

Sota: Goddammit! Let me go!!

Natsuki: What's going on? The floor's changed shape and it's got my feet...!

Demiurge: You three do not seem to have the ability to summon demons...

Demiurge: Maybe you are not beyond saving like the others.

Akane: No-No... Stay away from me...

Natsuki: Akane!!

Natsuki: Stop, Demiurge!

Sota: If you harm them, I'll kill you!

Demiurge: You need not be afraid.

Demiurge: You will be reborn as perfect beings.

Natsuki (Unseen): W-What is this...! My body...

Akane (Unseen): A-Augh! No... Stop...!

Sota (Unseen): You goddamn... Augh...!!

> Back to the Liberators...

Megakin: What happened to them?!

Rika: I don't know... I can't see!

Rika: There are too many demons around us...!

Gakuto: We gotta punch a hole in their formation and work our way through there!

Gakuto: We have to save those three!

Part 25

Megakin: Aight, that takes care of the bulk of them!

Megakin: Let's go! Ignore the small fry!

> The Liberators move quickly...

Xana: Akane! Sota! Natsuki! Are you okay?

Demiurge: ...You're still alive. What accursed creatures you have become.

Megakin: Give them back Demiurge.

Demiurge: ...Very well.

> Demiurge waves his hand, and three figures step out from behind him.

Faceless Monster: ...

Faceless Monster: ...

Rika: What the...

Seiran: Three faceless monsters... OMG...!

Demiurge: Yes, those three humans have been transformed into perfect beings.

Seiran: So what I feared was true... That's them...?!

Faceless Monster: ...

Demiurge: These "New Humans" are the only beings fit to live in the new world.

Demiurge: Unlike the degenerates they were before, they are now what they should have been.

Megakin: So those things walking around outside are not Homunculi or monsters, they're human beings!

Rika: Oh my god...!

Xana: ...!!

Xana: That is unforgivable, Demiurge.

Demiurge: Creations forgiving the Creator?

Demiurge: Your arrogance knows no bounds.

Demiurge: ...Very well.

Demiurge: If you would oppose me, I will take care of you myself.

Part 26

Rika: Take that!

Demiurge: ...

Faceless Monster: ...!

Rika: Oh...!

> Rika restrains herself from attacking when one of the New Humans jumps in front of her.

Megakin: Shit, this guy fights dirty.

Demiurge: Why do you hesitate?

Demiurge: Attack them.

Demiurge: They are immortal now.

Demiurge: Their individuality, which made them imperfect, will soon vanish completely.

Demiurge: They will become the ultimate lifeform, obedient to me in every way.

Demiurge: Rejoice, for Man will be complete again under my rule.

Xana: ...What kind of shit reasoning is that?

Xana: All you want is for humans to do whatever you want.

Xana: If they don't, you call them names like degenerates and imperfect.

Xana: But the fact of the matter is, you don't want to accept that they have grown, that they have their own personality.

Xana: I'm not human, so I don't know all that much about them.

Xana: But I know what you're calling the perfect being is something that just obeys you.

Xana: They have no thoughts. They have no personality.

Xana: They're just a mindless mob, empty and hollow.

Xana: That's not the kind of humans that I wished to learn about.

Xana: Humans may be incomplete, but that's why they can compliment each other.

Xana: They can work together to achieve what they can't on their own.

Xana: And by finding new ideas and values outside their own, they continue to grow as a species.

Xana: That is their unique trait.

Xana: To belittle that as being degenerate and incomplete because you can't have your way with them is childish.

Xana: That's what you are. A bratty kid.

Demiurge: ...I see.

Demiurge: Your shallow and insignificant opinion must be a product of your "personality".

Demiurge: This is what knowledge from lesser demons can bring about.

Demiurge: You make excuses for your imperfection, and praise your own weakness as a virtue.

Xana: ...This is pointless.

Xana: We're never going to agree with you, cuz none of us here want to become one of your monsters.

Demiurge: So you seek to destroy me.

Xana: Yes. You want to stop humans from evolving, so as long as you exist, humanity can't move forward.

Xana: I have no interest in a boring world like that, so I'm gonna kick your ass. We all will, together.

Demiurge: Very well. Come meet your Maker.

Part 27

Demiurge: Attack them.

Demiurge: My new creation... The perfect human.

Faceless Monster: ...

Faceless Monster: ...

Demiurge: What is the matter? Why do you not obey my command?

Demiurge: I said attack them! Destroy these blasphemous fools!

Faceless Monster: *Grunt*

Faceless Monster: *Groan*

> The faceless figures are in pain, as if struggling with something...

Rika: Umm, is it just me or is something going on?

Xana: !! Hey, look!

> Facial features are starting to show up on the blank faces of the monsters!

Akane (Faceless Monster): You're... right, Xana. That is humanity's strength...

Natsuki (Faceless Monster): We... all have our own reasons...

Natsuki (Faceless Monster): Right?

Sota (Faceless Monster): Son of a... bitch... I won't... let you erase them...!

Megakin: They're... fighting Demiurge's control!

Xana: Everyone...

Xana: This is it. Akane and her friends are fighting back, so we have to hustle too.

Xana: You're going down, Demiurge!

Demiurge: ...Enough.

Demiurge: I did not realize the extent of Man's degeneration.

Demiurge: I pitied them and tried to make them whole again, but I see now that they cannot be saved.

Demiurge: Very well. By my own hand I will bring destruction unto you all!

Demiurge: Behold the light of the One True God, and return to the dust that you were made from!

Part 28

Megakin: Here Seiran! Time your attack with mine!

Seiran: Got it!

Seiran: Ya!

Demiurge: *Grunt*

Gakuto: Rika, aim for the ground beneath him!

Rika: Okay!

Demiurge: You pesky little...

> Demiurge tries to take off into the air...!

Megakin: Shit! He's getting away!

Xana: ...No he's not!

Demiurge: ...?!

> Akane, Sota and Natsuki all jump on Demiurge's wings!

Akane: They're nice wings! Knew you'd try to fly...!

Natsuki: Oh dear... I'm not very good at this sort of thing...

Sota: Doesn't matter dude! We gotta stop him!

Demiurge: What...?!

CHOICE: Xana, now!

CHOICE: Take him out!

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Xana: Alright!

Akane: Xana...!

Natsuki: Get him...!

Sota: Show him what you got!

Xana: ...Here we go!!

> Xana's demon attack pierces Demiurge!

Demiurge: *Groan* Impossible...

Demiurge: I am... The Creator of this world... Of Man...!

Demiurge: You are my creations. How dare you oppose me...!

Demiurge: I won't allow it...! I woooooon't!!

Demiurge: Aaaaaaargh!!

> Demiurge dissipates...

Xana: ...Even if what you say is true.

Xana: I'm not human, so it's got nothing to do with me.


> With Demiurge's demise, a blinding flash of light seems to engulf everything.

> After a while, the light slowly dims...

Gakuto: It's over... This is Ikebukuro.

Shiori (on the phone): Anyone there?! Come in! Please answer! Anyone!

Gakuto: Whoa!! Shionyan!!

Shiori (on the phone): ...Anyone but you.

Gakuto: I'm so sorry Shionyan! Thank you for your harsh words!!

Shiori (on the phone): What's going on? The dome just suddenly disappeared.

Megakin: You for real?!

Shiang Sun (on the phone): Yes. From what we could observe, it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

Shiang Sun (on the phone): Without a trace too. Social media is blowing up right now.

Seiran: Then... We did it.

Rika: ...Wait, where did that trio go?!

Megakin: Yo Rookie, you see 'em?

> You smile as Megakin looks around frantically, and you point in a certain direction...

Akane: Thank goodness! We're ourselves again!

Sota: Ahahaha! We did it man! Total victory!

Natsuki: I really thought I was going to die...

Xana: Ummm... That's nice and all, but...

Xana: Why am I included in this group hug?

Natsuki: Aw, don't be such a stranger!

Sota: Yeah! We're all friends here, right?!

Akane: That's right!

Xana: Mmmm...

Megakin: Hahaha! Now that's a happy ending!

Rookie: ...

> Back at the hideout, a few weeks later...

Seiran: ...Hmm, it's been a few weeks, the Dragon Stream doesn't seem to have been affected.

Shiang Sun: The people who were turned into monsters don't remember a thing about the incident, and the stray demon cases have subsided. I think it's safe to say that this incident is over.

Megakin: That's a load off my back.

Xana: Why, the gang's all here. What were you talking about?

Megakin: The Demiurge incident.

Xana: Oh yeah... I almost forgot about that.

Megakin: I don't think that's something one usually forgets...

Gakuto: Yeah, you were reeeeeal awesome.

Xana: Shut up Meat Face. What are you trying to pull here?

Gakuto: To see you blush of course. That's what you get for making a passionate speech like that.

Xana: I wasn't trying to make a speech. You really are the most annoying person ever.

Seiran: But jokes aside, I really like what you said.

Xana: ...It was just a bunch of impressions I got from observing Akane, Sota and Natsuki.

Xana: That piece of junk called Demiurge looked down on them as flawed and incomplete beings.

Xana: But they all have their own personalities and assume roles within the team that fits them.

Xana: That's how they were able to work together and achieve something great.

Xana: It's not just them.

Xana: I think that's how all humans have always connected and lived with each other.

Xana: If so, then that's not being degenerate or imperfect at all. It's evolution.

Xana: If humans were to dismiss their personality, they would stop evolving.

Xana: If there's something you can't do, just ask somebody for help.

Xana: You can always return the favor by helping people out with what you're able to do.

Xana: Other people may come up with ideas you may never think of, and vice versa.

Xana: It's not about who is better.

Xana: People should use their differences to help each other.

Xana: That's how humans fight, their strength. At least that's what I think...

Seiran: Wow...

Megakin: Xana...!

Xana: That's what I learned from playing online games.

Megakin: Huh?

Xana: Every party member plays a role according to their personality.

Xana: What kind of shit game would have just one "job" to choose from?

> (Note: She uses the term "kusoge" in the original dialogue, which is a very online term that does indeed mean "shit game"...)

Xana: Party balance is the key to winning.

Xana: DPS, Healer and Tank. They're all vital to a well balanced party.

Megakin: ...Is that right? And for a split second I was actually quite moved.

Megakin: So you gonna be questing online today, Warrior of Light?

Xana: Oh, not today. I'm on my way out.

Xana: I have a prior engagement.

Megakin: Hmm, that doesn't happen every day.

Xana: Yes, I'm answering a distress call.

Xana: I'm going to one of those mystery attractions with Akane, Sota and Natsuki.

Xana: They keep saying they might not be able to make it through on their own, so...

Xana: Xana's here to help.