Dragonbane King of Heroes

An event quest that started on June 15, 2022 and lasted for two weeks.

This event introduced Fariedone, whose passive gives his team the special status effect "Zenith".

Zenith gives a straight 20% boost on hit rate, evasion rate, critical rate, and status ailment infliction and grants minus 20% chance to receive ailments and critical hits from the enemy. It was intended to be D2's equivalent to Shin Megami Tensei IV's "smirk" status.

That said, he did not last long in PvP, as 4.5 anniversary demons like Elohim quickly stole the spotlight with stronger passives and overall stats.


> At a private room in a hospital...

> Medical devices beep away at a steady pace.

> And an old man lay stretched out over his bed...

Man: Itaru... Toru... Are you there?

Itaru: Huh?! Father! Yes, we're both here.

Man: I must tell you both something...

Man: Please, listen. These may be my last words.

Toru: Your last... No, don't say that.

Man: I've lived a full life... I have no regrets.

Man: I achieved happiness during my time on this planet.

Man: I have accepted death. I do not fear it.

Man: Yes, it is sad that we will be saying goodbye to each other...

Itaru: *Sob*

Toru: ...

Man: There is no need to cry. Death does not discriminate.

Man: Living your life to the fullest is what you must do as well.

Itaru: Live our lives...

Toru: To the fullest...?

Man: I leave everything that I have attained to you.

Man : Please, my children, find happiness...

> In an office...

Toru: Huh...?

Toru: Crap, when did I fall asleep...?

> Toru wakes up after falling asleep at his desk.

> Papers are scattered all over it. His coffee has even gone cold.

Toru: Talk about a blast from the past...

Toru: It's been five years since then. Find happiness, huh...?

> Toru begins organizing the papers on his desk.

Toru: Father left me his company in his will, and I've certainly been able to attain "happiness".

Toru: ...

Toru: But... Compared to what Itaru got...

> Toru asks the same question over and over in his head.

Toru: (Why...?)

Toru: (Why did I get a branch of the main company that Itaru got?)

Toru: (Aren't these things normally split evenly between siblings?)

Toru: (I'd have more power and money to go along with it...)

Toru: (But it's not good to envy my own little brother like this...)

Toru: Okay, calm down...

Toru: I'm exhausted too. This is making my head hurt...

???: Is that so...?

???: From what I understand, everything ran its natural course.

Toru: Huh?! Who's there?!

> Toru turns around and sees a complete stranger standing there.

Man: It is a pleasure to meet you.

Arima: My name is Arima. I am a corporate consultant of sorts.

Toru: A consultant? I didn't see anything like that on my schedule for today...

Arima: Yes, I did not schedule an appointment and I apologize for that in advance.

Arima: But I would like you to hear my pitch.

Arima: You have nothing at stake here...

> Arima grins menacingly as he stares at Toru...

Toru: Sorry but I'm busy. Please make an appointment next time...

Arima: I see.

Arima: Even if it means outdoing your younger brother's company...?

Toru: !!

Arima: Such a shame. In that case, I shall excuse myself...

Toru: Wait. You'll help beat my little brother?

Arima: Yes, of course! Would you like to hear my pitch?

Toru: If you sign a contract with me, you won't be able to get out of it, you know?

Arima: Yes, I understand. Please, have a seat and listen.

Toru: Alright... Let's hear it...

Arima: Thank you very much. I am honored.

Arima: Now, I did take some liberties in terms of finding this information.

Arima: But you and your brother are owners of these companies, yes?

Arima: And these were passed down to you by your late father from what I understand.

Toru: Yes, I own a bunch of the main company Itaru owns...

Arima: How is that not unfair?

Arima: Very little separates you from your younger brother, no?

Arima: You are both clever, smart and natural-born leaders.

Arima: Would it not be fairer to have you run the main company?

Toru: Well...

Toru: (Sure, that thought's crossed my mind but...)

Arima: After all, you are the eldest, no? You have a birthright.

Arima: You two essentially possess identical skill sets, which means the eldest should win out.

Arima: Are you going to tell me that you are okay with such an unfair arrangement?

Toru: Unfair arrangement...?

Arima: Yes, that is what this is. You were to have the power and wealth that your younger brother currently possesses.

Arima: As such, this arrangement would be viewed as unfair by anyone you ask.

Arima: You were robbed of true happiness simply because your father favored your younger brother.

Toru: ...

Arima: Unfortunately, this is where I must stop. We will have to enter into an agreement for me to proceed.

Arima: Regardless, I believe that you will find me to be a valuable asset.

Arima: How about it? Will you take me up on my offer?

> Arima grins menacingly once more...

Arima: Join me and the world will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

Toru: The world...? Out of the palm of my hand...? And you're saying that you can facilitate that?

Arima: You have my word.

Arima: All will bow before you and all will kiss the ring of their true master.

Toru: ...

Toru: Alright, fine. Deal...

Arima: Then we are in agreement.

> Arima places both his hands onto Toru's shoulders...

Part 1

> Somewhere in the city...

> At a party hosted by a certain company...

Seiran: Look at this place.

Ririn: I know, right?! This is insane!

CHOICE: Look at this spread!

Ririn: Time to dig in!

Seiran: Right behind you!

Megakin: Yo, the three of you need to chill out a little.

Jeng Yun: But they seem so happy. Why don't we just leave them be?

Megakin: Yeah, sure, but this really ain't the place for that, you know?

Jeng Yun: I must join them! It's time to...

Megakin: Wait, here?

Megakin: Hey, there might not be a dress code, but you're gonna get thrown out.

CHOICE: Look, celebrities!

Ririn: Celebrities?! Where?!

Seiran: Look, over there. I've seen them on TV before.

Ririn: Seriously, Megakin, how on earth did you get an invite to this thing...?

Megakin: Hey, don't talk like I'm some kind of troll...

Jeng Yun: I know the answer. It was bribery, yes?

Megakin: What?! Hell no!

Megakin: Yo, who's the one that dirtied up Jeng Yun's mind like this...?!


Megakin: I get that it's important to have fun and all, but I'm just sayin', when in Rome...

Ririn: Isn't the president of this company an old classmate of yours, Megakin?

Megakin: Yo, that's right.

Megakin: We did some PR work for a new product awhile back, and that ended up goin' over pretty well.

Megakin: That's why I get invited to these things. Got it?

Megakin: But makin' enough room for everyone would've been a tough ask.

Ririn: Still, being old cronies has its perks as far as I can tell.

Ririn: I mean, we get to come to a shindig like this? Isn't it awesome?

Seiran: So where is el presidente? He must be pretty young to throw a party like this.

Seiran: Or is he one of those icky nouveau riche types...?

Megakin: Just gonna lay it out there, huh...?

Megakin: Yo, there is he. The man of the hour.

Megakin: Hey, Itaru! What's up?!

Itaru: Ah, Megakin, thank you so much for coming.

Megakin: Yo, it's my pleasure. Thank you for invitin' us.

Megakin: Yo, I know you said we could, but we did actually just wear our regular clothes.

Itaru: That's perfectly fine. This is supposed to be a much lighter affair, so a dress code would be a bit much, no?

Itaru: Which is why I said you should feel free to wear what you like...

Seiran: Hm?

Itaru: Or would it have been better to enforce something...?

Megakin: Nah, don't mind her. That's actually what she usually wears.

Itaru: I see...

Itaru: But your dress suits you, milady.

Itaru: You must be quite fashion conscious to wear something like that on a day to day basis.

Seiran: Megakin...

Seiran: Your friend's such a charmer!!

Megakin: (I guess she likes him...)

Itaru: Anyway, I hate to mix business with fun, but there's someone I'd like you to meet. Would you mind?

Megakin: Yeah, sure!

Itaru: Thank you! Toru, can you come here a sec?!

> Itaru waves over a man who's closely followed by a woman.

Itaru: This is my big brother, Toru. He runs a branch of my company.

Itaru: Toru, I'm sure you know who the great Megakin is...?

Megakin: Yo, nice to meet you. The name's Megakin.

Toru: Yes, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Toru, Itaru's big brother.

Toru: This is my secretary, Sahara.

Sahara: Charmed...

Toru: Your reputation precedes you, Megakin.

Toru: I heard all about the endeavors you and Itaru have been embarking on.

Toru: It'd be an honor to do some PR work with you.

Toru: Itaru even told me this.

Itaru: You love gadgets, dont you, my friend?

Itaru: My company even specializes in wearable devices.

Megakin: Yo, you had my interest, but now you got my attention.

Itaru: Hehe. See? Actually, this was all Toru's idea.

Toru: You're popular amongst younger generations, so it might be nice to release a special Megakin model.

Megakin: Yo, who's sayin' no to that?

Sahara: I'm sorry, sir, but it's almost time...

Toru: Oh, so it is...

Megakin: Sorry about that. We won't keep you any longer.

Toru: No, it was my pleasure, but business is business.

Toru: We'll talk again later.

Megakin: Yo, I'm lookin' forward to it.

Toru: Now, if you'll excuse us.

Sahara: Excuse us.

> Later...

Toru: ...

Toru: The great Megakin...

Toru: He's certainly very chummy with Itaru, but throwing some feelers out there probably isn't a bad idea.

Toru: Sahara, please take care of that. Just one should do, actually.

Sahara: Understood...

> Outside of Akihabara at night...

Ririn: Man, I'm stuffed! I wish I could take some home for the rest of my family...

Ririn: No, I should've just brought them with me... Damn!

Seiran: Still, we had a lovely time. The bar was loaded with top-shelf stuff too.

Megakin: Yo, that was so awesome.

Megakin: But this guy's really startin' to cramp my style, you know...?

Jeng Yun: We know you're there. Please, come out.

Man: ...

> A man jumps out from a side alley!

Seiran: You've been following us for quite awhile now. Just who are you exactly?

Man: ...

> A Decoherence Field is engaged...

Megakin: Yo, what to...?! A Decoherence Field?! This guy's a Devil Downloader?!

Jeng Yun: But he doesn't seem to be using a phone!

Demon (Incubus): *Snicker*

Demon (Illuyanka): *Hiss*

Megakin: Aight, them's fightin' words! Get ready, y'all!

Part 2

Megakin: Yo, I think that's all of 'em...

Megakin: Bro, what the hell do you want with us?

Megakin: Why don't you start by tellin' us who you are?

Man: ...

> The man stands his ground and starts inching towards you.

Megakin: Maybe he's shy...?

Ririn: What's with this guy?! He's really starting to creep me out!

(Player Name): ...?

> You see something shine under the man's hood.

CHOICE: Jeng Yun, look.

Jeng Yun: (Player Name), did you see it too?

Jeng Yun: This is just my feeling, but something doesn't seem right here.

Jeng Yun: I'll give us an opening...

Jeng Yun: So please take care of whatever that thing was, (Player Name).

Jeng Yun: Here we go!

> Jeng Yun rushes towards the man!

Jeng Yun: *Grunt*

> Jeng Yun swiftly goes in for an attack, and lands a palm strike on the man's jaw!

Jeng Yun: (Player Name), now!

CHOICE: Seiran, look.

Seiran: That thing under his hood?

Seiran: Something doesn't feel right here...

Seiran: Okay, I'll give us an opening...

Seiran: So please take care of whatever that thing was, (Player Name).

Seiran: Here we go!

> Seiran rushes towards the man!

Seiran: *Strike*

> She lands a swift kick on the man's jaw!

Seiran: (Player Name), now!


(Player Name): Devil Download!

Demon (Cu Sith): *Howl*


CHOICE: Please!

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


> Cu Sith flies through the air, and bites down on the "thing" in the man's hood!

Man: *Groan*

> The man collapses to the ground...

Megakin: Aight, did that do it...?

> Black strings begin wriggling out of the man's body...

Ririn: Whoa, what the hell are these things?!

Seiran: Are these...? Snakes...?

Part 3

Megakin: Yo, snakes?

Megakin: Hold up, what do they have to do with this guy keelin' over the way he did?

Seiran: I have no idea, but...

Seiran: These probably aren't just normal snakes. They seem evil somehow...

Man: *Groan*

Jeng Yun: Watch out! I think he's awake.

Ririn: Right!

Man: Oww... Why does my jaw hurt so much...?

Man: Where am I...? Did I get drunk and pick a fight with someone...?

Seiran: This can't be right. It's like he's a completely different person now.

Man: Um, excuse me...? I hope I didn't do anything to disturb you...

Ririn: You really don't remember?! How's that possible?!

Ririn: There's no way. This is some kind of act, right?

Ririn: There was a demon and now there isn't. How does any of this add up?

Man: Sorry... I really have no idea what you're talking about...

Man: But you just said something about a demon... Does that mean you're...?

Ririn: Guh...!!

Seiran: Ririn, try to relax...

Jeng Yun: Have you ever seen these snakes before?

Jeng Yun: They appeared to be hiding in your clothes.

Man: S-Snakes?! No, get them away! Where did those come from...?!

Man: Wait, snakes?

Man: I remember this guy in a suit coming up to me and...

Man: I saw something horrible. Something really bad...

Seiran: Megakin, there have to be demons involved. What do you think?

Megakin: Yo, I'm with you there. Pretty high chance at this point.

Megakin: Hey, can you tell us everythin' you remember...?

Man: Huh...? Oh... Nooo...!!

> The man begins to writhe in pain!

Megakin: Yo, you okay?! What's goin' on here?!

Jeng Yun: No, Megakin!! Get back!!

Megakin: ...!

???: *Hiss*

Megakin: Yo, that's...!

> The man's eyes go white, and a snake jumps out to take a bite...!

Seiran: What?! There was still one left...?!

Man: ...

> The Decoherence Field is engaged again...

Ririn: Hey, he's back to being a zombie!

Ririn: And he's summoning demons!

Megakin: The hell's up with these snakes?!

Seiran: That can wait. For now, Devil Download!

Part 4

Demon (Mokoi): *Shriek*

Ririn: There, that should do it!

CHOICE: Cu Sith!

CHOICE: Get the snake!

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Demon (Cu Sith): *Howl*

Man: *Groan*

> The man collapses once more.

> The snake falls to the ground and wriggles in pain...

Seiran: I believe that's it.

Seiran: The evil that was possessing him is all... No, wait.

Seiran: Everyone, get back!

Man: *Groan*

> The man stands back up.

> You see a snake wrapped around his neck...

Seiran: How...?!

Megakin: Yo, he can revive himself?!

Seiran: There's just no end. We need to retreat and regroup!

Ririn: But I just ate! You really expect me to run after that?!

Jeng Yun: Just think of it as running off those calories!

> The Liberators make a hasty retreat.

Sahara: He can summon demons...? No, that can't be...

Sahara: Megakin... And his friends... Time to do some research on them.

Part 5

> A few days later at the Hideout...

Honey: Oh, that really happened?

Honey: That's a new one. Being friends with snakes and all.

Gakuto: They sounded more like parasites than "friends".

Rika: Bad either way...

Megakin: Yo, we still don't know what was goin' on, but that dude could summon demons too.

Megakin: Without a phone.

Shiori: It could be that a new Acolytes-esque group is on the prowl now, and they could be using a demon to achieve this feat.

Vince: It's not like a phone is absolutely necessary to summon demons.

Vince: We have smartphones. Certain other goons use "smart guns".

Rika: Yes, that's right...! Those gun-like devices!

Rika: I wish we could use them too. Why don't we see if we can acquire some?

Rika: I already carry my airsoft gun with me everywhere, so it shouldn't be much trouble for me.

Rika: They'd be much more useful than my gun too. I can see it already.

CHOICE: Calm down.

CHOICE Please, be quiet.

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Rika: *Gasp*

Rika: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to...

Megakin: Anyway, we gotta figure out what they're up to and how they're summonin' demons.

Megakin: Yo, we gotta learn more about those black snakes too.

Megakin: We kept gettin' rid of them and they just kept comin' back.

Seiran: Not only that, its human host seems to lose consciousness when it takes over.

Seiran: It's like people are its puppets.

Shiang Sun: We have quite a bit to deal with on our plate.

Megakin: Yo, ain't that an understatement.

Megakin: Aight, let's start doin' some research.

Megakin: They might come knockin' at any time, so we gotta stay frosty.

Vince: And we should stay in pairs at all times while we're out there.

Vince: If one of us goes down, the other can still gather intel.

Megakin: Aight Liberators, let's roll out!

Part 6

> A few more days later...

Rika: Despite expanding our search, nothing...

Ririn: Yeah, poor Megakin just keeps getting attacked.

Shiang Sun: You could sound a little more sympathetic.

Shiang Sun: Also, Shiori was attacked too, I believe.

Shiang Sun: What are we missing?

CHOICE: Fame...?

Ririn: Fame? Megakin, sure... But Shionyan...?

Ririn: Only really hardcore idol fans know about her, right?

Shiang Sun: But I see what you mean. She may not be famous as an idol, but she's a genius that skipped several grades and travelled around to go to school at a young age.

CHOICE: Bad personalities?

Ririn: Grrr!

Rika: Or because her personality's atrocious...

Shiang Sun: Yes, her attitude could use some work but...

Rika: Hey, Shiang Sun, don't laugh...!

Ririn: But why Megakin?

Shiang Sun: Oh, I may know the answer to that. He told me this when I first met him.

Shiang Sun: "I look like a regular dude from a distance, but a serial killer up close."

Ririn: *Giggle* Okay, I get it. He's a bad guy...

Shiang Sun: Well, jokes aside, why them and not us...?


???: *Scream*

Rika: Did someone scream just now...?!

Shiang Sun: Let's go!

> Elsewhere, in the park...

Man: W-What the hell's going on...?!

Policeman: ...

Ririn: Why are the cops attacking people?!

Rika: No, that's...!

> A snake pokes its head out of one of the police officer's pants!

Rika: A black snake...!

Shiang Sun: We have to help!

Part 7

Policeman: ...

Demon (Illuyanka): *Hiss*

Demon (Inugami): *Growl*

Shiang Sun: Dammit! He just keeps summoning demons...!

Rika: No, wait... Oh no! This is bad!

Rika: Look around! We're surrounded!

> Rika and her group press their backs against one another.

Man: ...

Woman: ...

> Zombified people start making their approach...

> Black snakes appear to be wrapped around all of them...

Ririn: H-Hey, this isn't looking good...

Rika: So many demons!

Shiang Sun: And we'd be risking these people's lives if we attack them.

Ririn: A-Aren't they able to revive themselves even after we get rid of their snakes?!

Black Snake: *Hiss*

> A black snake flies out of one man's sleeve!

Rika: Ririn, watch out!

Ririn: Crap, I'm gonna get...!

???: *Roar*

> A bright line, and...

Ririn: Huh...?! I'm... I'm okay...?!

Demon (Sraosha): It seems that I arrived just in time.

Shiang Sun: You saved her? Why...?

Demon (Sraosha): That must wait. For now, we must cleanse this area.

Demon (Sraosha): Let us go!

Part 8

Shiang Sun: *Pant* There, done...!

Shiang Sun: Wait, what about these people?!

Man: *Groan* I can't breathe...!

Policeman: ...

> You see a police officer strangling a man!

Rika: No...!

Rika: Let him go! Or... I'll shoot!

Policeman: ...

> The police officer does not let go of the man, and in that instant, flashes his other hand.

Black Snake: *Hiss*

Black Snake: *Slither*

> Gunshots are fired.

Rika: S-Snakes...! Ugh!!

Ririn: Rika, are you okay?!

Rika: Yes, I got all of them, but I'm also out of ammo...!

Man: *Scream*

> You see a black snake biting down onto the screaming man...!

Ririn: H-He got bit...

Demon (Sraosha): We are too late...

Man: *Groan*

Man: ...

Shiang Sun: Huh?

Demon (Sraosha): There is nothing we can do about them now.

Demon (Sraosha): We must fall back. I will provide us cover.

Rika: B-But!

CHOICE: Let's go.

CHOICE: Thanks.

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Shiang Sun: You're going along with this?!

Shiang Sun: Fine, whatever! We're goners if we stay here so...

Shiang Sun: Everyone, let's get out of here!

Ririn: R-Roger!

Sahara: Devil Downloaders... The Liberators...

Sahara: To think that such an organization existed.

Sahara: This may be quite useful...

Part 9

Megakin: Aight, got it...

Megakin: I still don't feel great about your "friend" here...

Megakin: But I'm glad y'all got back safe, and thanks for the update.

> Megakin looks towards the demon.

Megakin: Yo, I'm Megakin. The leader of the Liberators' Tokyo Branch.

Megakin: Thanks for savin' us. We owe you one.

Megakin: And you are...?

Sraosha: I am Sraosha, the one who listens to humanity's cries, vanquishes this world's evil, and ferries souls to where they are to be judged.

Sraosha: Also, this is not our first meeting...

Sraosha: Your deeds from then have not gone unnoticed.

Seiran: Oh, no, that was more a case of us saving each other.

Seiran: But you following us here means that...

Seiran: There must be a reason. Mind telling us what's going on?

Sraosha: As sharp as ever, I see. Very well, I shall explain.

Sraosha: I require your aid once more to fell the evil that threatens this world.

Megakin: Yo, an evil that threatens this world...?

Megakin: Do those unkillable zombie snakes have anythin' to do with that?

Sraosha: Indeed, they do. Angra Mainyu is behind this calamity.

Gakuto: Angra Mainyu...!

Sraosha: Angra Mainyu is the source of this evil...

Sraosha: I believe that he has somehow summoned the "King of Snakes".

Sraosha: And this King of Snakes has let loose a part of himself in the form of these black snakes.

Sraosha: Those that are bitten by them fall under his control.

Sraosha: You are to obey your new master until the very end.

Seiran: So that's what happened to all those people.

Sraosha: But even after they are removed, they are somehow able to revive themselves.

Sraosha: This likely will not stop until the head of this snake is dealt with.

Sraosha: However, my most troublesome discovery is how if one is bitten by one of them, they too will fall under the control of these snakes.

Everyone: ?!

Ririn: H-H-Hold on just one second!

Ririn: So you're saying that they don't just turn into zombies, but they get mind-controlled by these snakes too?!

Shiang Sun: Yikes... Like a real zombie flick...

Sraosha: And the King has begun to expand his territory.

Sraosha: For what purpose, I do not know.

Sraosha: Nor do I even know what he looks like...

Sraosha: I have done what I can to protect anyone who has been targeted, but it is only a matter of time until humanity becomes overwhelmed by these creatures.

Sraosha: We must defeat the King of Snakes before it is too late.

Sraosha: In order to do that, I require your aid.

Sraosha: Together, we may be able to stop this menace.

Shiori: You have a plan ready by the looks of it?

Sraosha: There is one who has dealt with this very same problem before.

Sraosha: A great hero capable of great deeds.

Sraosha: He is known as Fairedone.

Sraosha: His fate since birth has been to lead this world on a path of righteousness by ridding it of evil.

Sraosha: He will surely be able to discover where the King of Snakes is.

Ririn: But this hero of yours... Wait, isn't he...?

Sraosha: Yes, he is long since dead. He is a hero of an age that has long since passed.

Sraosha: But I have the power to bring his soul back into this world.

Sraosha: However, certain rules govern this world, and make it exceedingly difficult for those that do not belong to remain for long.

Jeng Yun: Yes, that is true.

Jeng Yun: You mentioned that last time when we fought alongside you.

Sraosha: But in order to bring Fariedone back into this world, I require a righteous human being who is overflowing with good.

Megakin: Okay? I get that much, but why us?

> Sraosha looks towards you and Ririn.

Sraosha: You two.

Sraosha: I sensed a great degree of righteousness from your most recent actions.

Sraosha: You are worthy of being the vessel, but something is missing from the both of you.

Sraosha: The rest of you also showed these qualities.

> Sraosha points towards Jeng Yun, Seiran and Megakin.

Seiran: The one who you all met just recently, and is full of good and righteousness...

Megakin: Yo, that's an easy one.

Megakin: Aigh, lemme get ahold of 'em.

Part 10

> Somewhere in the city. On a rooftop garden.

Itaru: Where could Megakin be...?

Itaru: And what on earth does he need to tell me that's so urgent?

Itaru: It's not like him to act like this.

> A cool breeze caresses the night sky...

Itaru: My mind can't help but wander when I'm not doing anything...

Itaru: Oh, it's almost the anniversary of father's death too.

Itaru: Father...

Itaru: Have I attained happiness? Did I fulfill your wishes...?

???: Hey, you there...

Itaru: Yes?

> An imposing figure in a suit with dark black sunglasses approaches.

Man: You... You are the one... The one the king is after...

Itaru: E-Excuse me...? I, uh...?

Man: *Roar*

> The man lunges at Itaru!

Itaru: What the?! W-Who are you?!

Itaru: Something's got ahold of me...?!

> A black snake slithers out of the man's sleeve as he hold Itaru.

Itaru: L-Let go of me...!!

> The black snake begins constricting his arm.

> It spots Itaru's neck and opens its mouth...!!

Part 11

???: Not so fast!!

> A heavy object makes impact...

Man: ...!

> The man collapses...

Megakin: Yo, talk about a close shave...

Megakin: I'm glad you're on our side, Jeng Yun.

Jeng Yun: You can count on me!

Seiran: Are you hurt, Itaru? Did that snake bite you anywhere?

Itaru: I... I think I'm okay...

Megakin: Yo, we gotta go. Back to the Hideout.

Itaru: Huh? Wait, we can't just leave this person like this...

Megakin: Yeah, uh... We ain't got time for that now.

Seiran: He'll get back up and attack us if we don't hurry...

Itaru: What...?

Megakin: Yo, we can talk more once we're in a safe spot.

Megakin: Please, you just gotta trust us for now.

Itaru: Okay... I understand.

Shady Figure: ...

(Player Name): ...?

Seiran: Hey, (Player Name), what's wrong? We're leaving.

CHOICE: I saw someone.

Seiran: Could be another one of them...

Seiran: We should keep our eyes peeled in the meantime.

CHOICE: Nevermind.

Seiran: Oh, okay then...

Seiran: Still, we should keep our eyes peeled in the meantime.


Seiran: Who knows what's going to jump out at us next?

Part 12

Megakin: So can you lend us a hand with this...?

Itaru: Of course, I will do what I can to help.

Shiang Sun: Huh?

Shiori: You're kidding, right? Are you that stupid?

Shiori: Or some kind of genius...? No normal person would just swallow this information as is...

CHOICE: That's crazy!

CHOICE: That's amazing!

> Both choices lead to the same conclusion.


Itaru: I-Is there a problem? You all seem very distressed...

Megakin: Yo, we didn't expect you to agree to this so fast...

Megakin: I mean, I'm not one to talk, but you really believe what we told you?

Itaru: Not exactly. My mind is still in the middle of processing it.

Itaru: Demons, the end of the world and how to stop them...

Itaru: It almost sounds like some kind of prank...

Gakuto: Yeah, we get that. That's how people usually react to this stuff.

Itaru: But you fought off all those strange people on our way over here, and I even got a glance at that, what was it, summoning app...?

Itaru: This really isn't some kind of sick prank...?

Megakin: Yo, we wish.

Itaru: Anyway, I agreed to help. I don't care if it does end up being a prank.

Itaru: Conversely, it'd be a nice surprise coming from you, Megakin.

Itaru: So I'll believe what you just told me.

Vince: So this is our righteous hero, huh?

Itaru: However, I won't forgive you if this does actually end up being a prank.

Megakin: Yo, copy that.

Megakin: Anyway, Sraosha, you're up...!

> Sraosha is summoned.

Sraosha: ...

Part 13

Itaru: Whoa... Um, hello...

Sraosha: Ah, I see...

Sraosha: You are overflowing with righteousness. You will make for the perfect vessel.

Sraosha: Now, I shall call down Fariedone...

Megakin: Yo, hold up!

Megakin: What's gonna happen to Itaru when you call down this hero dude?

Megakin: We were in such a hurry that we forgot to ask.

Sraosha: Nothing in particular. However, there is one thing...

Sraosha: Fariedone's soul may make it so that this one is able to see demons.

Sraosha: Or rather, he will be able to sense where they are.

Megakin: So nothin' bad?

Sraosha: Yes. If he is indeed as righteous as he seems, Fariedone will leave his soul unharmed.

Sraosha: And I believe there is no better candidate for this ritual.

Shiori: So how's he supposed to fight?

Sraosha: I will call down Fariedone's soul into this one's body.

Sraosha: Then, he will be able to hold physical form once more.

Sraosha: In battle, Itaru's righteousness will become his weapon.

Jeng Yun: Oh, that's very cool...!

Sraosha: In truth, it is not all that different from the summoning apps you possess.

Megakin: Aight, got it. Itaru, you good to go...?

Itaru: I'm a little nervous, but yes...

Sraosha: Then let us begin... Now!

> A magic circle envelops Itaru and starts to shine.

> They begin to coalesce.

> As the light subsides, a demon comes into view.

Fariedone: Where am I...?

Megakin: Yo, this is Fariedone...?

Sraosha: Indeed. The great hero, Fariedone.

Fariedone: Are you an angel?

Sraosha: Allow me to explain.

Sraosha: You have arrived in a distant land that is far in the future.

Sraosha: Unfortunately, the evil you defeated in life has returned once more.

Sraosha: You are to find the source and rid this world of it.

Fariedone: Understood...

Fariedone: I vow to vanquish this evil! Victory shall be ours!

Itaru: Um... Fariedone?

Itaru: My name is Itaru. We'll be working together for a little while.

Itaru: So, I hope we'll be good partners.

Fariedone: Likewise. It's clear to me that you possess a righteous soul You should be proud.

Itaru: *Chuckle* Well, I can't really tell...

Itaru: But I'm glad that I'm not a bad guy or anything.

Itaru: Anyway, now what...?

Megakin: Don't worry, dude, we're right behind you.

Seiran: Incidents involving demons is our specialty.

Seiran: So you can count on us!

Megakin: Aight, it's time to roll out! Let's nab us a King of Snakes!

Part 14

> Outside in Tokyo...

Fariedone: *Strike*

Demon: *Shriek*

Itaru: ...

Megakin: Zing♪

Megakin: Way to go, hero. You're doin' great.

Seiran: Any luck sensing where this King of Snakes is?

Fariedone: ...

Fariedone: No, but his spawn is everywhere. This is proving rather difficult.

Gakuto: Everywhere...?

Seiran: There may be more victims than we realized.

Rika: But it's so quiet...

Shiori: Yeah, no one's talking about it on the news on online.

Shiori: And while that happens, these snakes are taking over the world.

Shiori: Or maybe they've already reached critical mass...

Shiang Sun: It's a good thing that we noticed.

Shiang Sun: We might've fallen under their control without realizing it if we didn't...

Gakuto: Anyway, let's move somewhere else. We might have better luck finding the King of Snakes.

Megakin: Aight, let's decide where.

> Later...

Fariedone: Itaru, was it...?

Itaru: Huh?! Y-Yes, can I help you?!

Fariedone: You seem nervous.

Itaru: W-Well, you're just so strong and...

Itaru: Uh...

Itaru: No, nevermind...

Fariedone: ...?

Megakin: Yo, we're goin'!

Itaru: O-Okay! Be right there!

Part 15

> In the subway...

Fariedone: There are too many people here as well. I cannot locate him...

Honey: Darn, missed again...

Vince: Yeah, while we keep getting attacked.

Ririn: And they're mostly just going after Megakin, Shionyan and Itaru.

Shiori: Just the cost of being pretty.

Megakin: Yo, that means I'm a good-lookin' guy, right?

Shiori: Huh?

Megakin: No?

Shiori: Actually, having the wrong idea about yourself kind of suits you.

Megakin: Yo, Shionyan, that stings!!

Shiori: Anywhere, where to next?

Megakin: C-Cold as ice...

> A bit later...

Fariedone: Itaru...

Fariedone: Was there something you wanted to ask me? Please, feel free to speak.

Itaru: Uh, well... It's kind of dumb to be honest.

Fariedone: That matters not.

Itaru: Okay, well, I was just wondering... What was your life like, Fariedone?

Fariedone: My life?

Itaru: I was told that you were once a great hero.

Itaru: I'm just curious as to how someone so strong and powerful like you lived their life.

Itaru: It's been on my mind for awhile now.

Fariedone: What makes you so curious about me?

Itaru: ...

Itaru: So, my father passed away some time ago.

Itaru: He left me and my brother his company in his will, and told us to "attain happiness" with his dying breath.

Itaru: I've been trying to do just that but...

Itaru: It's hard for me to tell if I really have or not.

Itaru: That's why I wanted to ask a great hero such as yourself.

Fariedone: You cannot tell? Are you not happy with your current situation?

Itaru: That's the thing.

Itaru: Work is going well and I'm surrounded by those I care about.

Itaru: And I have more than enough financially...

Itaru: But I'm also here today because of those who were there to support me.

Itaru: My fortune does not belong to me alone.

Itaru: At the same time, my brother calls me soft.

Itaru: And the answers I get differ based on who I ask about this.

Itaru: I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I'm not sure I can find happiness the way my father did.

Itaru: That's what really bothers me.

Itaru: Which is why I was hoping you could help me, hero...

Fariedone: ...

Fariedone: Such kind words, but I am not the hero you think I am...

Megakin: No, Itaru, they are coming! We must prepare!

Itaru: O-Okay...! Got it! Let's go, Fariedone!

Fariedone: ...

Part 16

Fariedone: Itaru.

Itaru: Yes, Fariedone?

Fariedone: About what you just said.

Itaru: I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.

Fariedone: My purpose in life is to...

Itaru: Is to...?

Fariedone: Live righteously.

Itaru: Live righteously...?

Fariedone: But life is so fleeting.

Fariedone: No matter what, we are all destined to face the end at some point.

Fariedone: Any happiness you attain or pain you go through is ultimately all for naught.

Fariedone: Death does not discriminate when it comes to who is taken to the other side...

Fariedone: And we are not permitted do carry anything with us.

Fariedone: Be it a vast fortune or a crown, it is all left behind in the end.

Fariedone: There is no point in coveting or hoarding such frivolities.

Fariedone: You must simply live life righteously and not submit to any evil.

Fariedone: I sincerely wished that the people of my time would do the same.

Fariedone: But just being here a short while has taught me much.

Fariedone: This age is far different from the one I once lived in.

Fariedone: So I believe that there is no need for you to emulate my life.

Itaru: !

Fariedone: All you must do is to live your life as you wish, righteously.

Fariedone: Be free and be proud of yourself. I sincerely believe this.

Itaru: *Chuckle*

Itaru: It definitely feels like there's a part of my father in you.

Itaru: But living righteously, huh...?

Itaru: I didn't really understand what that meant until just now.

Itaru: Thank you, Fariedone.

Itaru: For now, let's focus on finding and defeating this King of Snakes.

Itaru: That's probably the most righteous thing I can do now.

Itaru: Will you help me, Fariedone?

Fariedone: Yes, of course. I am here for you after all.

Itaru: Alright, let's go!

Part 17

> In another part of Tokyo...

Fariedone: *Strike*

Woman: *Wince*

> Your assailants fall one by one...

> But the hoard of snakes continue their onslaught.

Seiran: They're attacking us more and more now...

Seiran: This might be because of how many victims they've already claimed.

Shiang Sun: We need to find this King of Snakes as soon as possible...

Itaru: Hm...?

Fariedone: What is it, Itaru?

Itaru: This ring this person's wearing, and the arm band on this person...

Itaru: They have to be. These are all products that are made by my brother's company.

Megakin: Yo, dude...

Itaru: The employees of his company test out the products they make themselves.

Itaru: But these should still be in development. They aren't available to the public yet.

Itaru: His secretary, Sahara, was wearing this same ring.

Shiang Sun: These are the wearable devices he was talking about...!

Shiang Sun: They might be behind these people's ability to summon demons too.

Gakuto: Which is why they can summon without using a phone.

Shiang Sun: Would you mind if I inspected them a little closer?

Shiang Sun: Wait... That's all they do.

Shiang Sun: I'm not seeing any other functions.

Shiang Sun: These are designed specifically for summoning demons.

Itaru: Are you saying that my brother's been developing these...?

Itaru: No, that can't be...

Megakin: Nah, dude, this has to be it. Theyr'e all wearin' these things.

Megakin: Yo, Itaru, these folks are all your big brother's employees.

Itaru: B-But he... Demons...? How...?

Itaru: Why does he know how to summon demons...?!

Fariedone: He may have attained this knowledge through less than wholesome means.

Seiran: His little secretary did seem rather suspicious.

Seiran: Her behavior was in stark contrast to all these other people.

Seiran: She was fully conscious. She moved out of her own free will.

Itaru: So my brother and Sahara are...

Vince: Either way, we've got our target.

Vince: Where's this guy's company? We need to go there, now.

Part 18

> Inside a facility...

Shiang Sun: Well, we're in. More easily than I expected too.

Gakuto: To be fair, we have the head honcho here with us.

Gakuto: It'd be weird to turn him away, right?

Vince: But these goons are all coming after him. Only him.

Vince: I have to think that they know what we're trying to do.

Vince: This might even be a trap...

Megakin: Yo, here comes our hostess...

Sahara: Ah, the Liberators. Welcome.

Sahara: How may I help you today?

Megakin: Yo, Sahara, where'd you learn that name?!

Sahara: I took the liberty of doing some research on you and your friends.

Sahara: It is only natural if we are to do business together.

Sahara: Regardless, I am not mistaken, am I...?

Seiran: Fine, then let me ask you this. Are you the King of Snakes?

Sahara: Do not lump me together with that vile thing...!

Itaru: Huh...?

Sahara: E-Excuse me... Please pardon my little indiscretion.

Shiori: But your reaction tells us that you know what we're talking about.

Sahara: I am not obligated to answer that question.

Vince: Fine, be that way, Miss Secretary.

Vince: Just tell us where your boss is.

Sahara: H-He is... Unavailable at the moment.

Shiori: Oh? That's very unusual for a secretary. I'm sure you know where he is though, right?

Shiori: Why don't you quit jerking us around and tell us already?

Sahara: You expect to meet him without making an appointment first...?

Sahara: You must defeat me first if you wish to do so!

> Sahara summons a demon!

Itaru: Sahara...! How...?!

Fariedone: Itaru, remain vigilant and prepare to fight!

Megakin: Aight, that includes us too! Let's dance!

Part 19

Sahara: ...!!

Megakin: Yo, how long are you gonna keep this up?!

Sahara: Fine, I yield...

Megakin: Huh?

Ririn: R-Really? Just like that...?

Sahara: There is no way that I can stop all of you by myself...

Gakuto: Uh... Okay then...

Sahara: This was also an opportunity for me to test your strength.

Sahara: Defeating me was a prerequisite to facing him...

Sahara: I was not to let any unworthy Devil Downloaders pass, which is why I needed to test you before you could proceed.

Sahara: I apologize for the trouble I caused you.

> Sahara curtsies gracefully.

Ririn: Miss Secretary...

Sahara: In the port of Odaiba, there is a rather sizable yacht.

Sahara: That is where you will find my boss.

> Sahara takes off her ring and hands it to Itaru.

Sahara: This one was made just for me.

Sahara: It also acts as a biometric identification card for said yacht.

Itaru: Why do this, Sahara? You're supposed to be working for my brother...

Itaru: This effectively gives us the high ground over him...

Shiori: She probably doesn't have a vested interest in this, right?

Itaru: Wait... But...

Shiori: We've pretty much figured out that your brother's this King of Snakes, so let me just say this based on what we now know.

Shiori: He probably has ways of forcing others into obeying him, no?

Itaru: Is that true?

Sahara: Yes...

Sahara: He's using some sort of inhuman power to rob others of all they possess.

Sahara: Be it their wealth, power, respect... Even their lives.

Sahara: I am one of his victims. My own company became a subsidiary of his company.

Sahara: He took everything, and told me to become his secretary if I wanted to live.

Sahara: He made me advance his awful plan to take over the world.

Itaru: No, that can't be...!!

Sahara: I was convinced that I'd have to live the rest of my life in perpetual darkness.

Sahara: So please, if you can, stop him...

Itaru: ...

Sahara: I understand how hard this must be for you, Itaru, being his little brother, and all.

Sahara: But I want to escape this hell... I want to be free...!!

Itaru: I understand. We'll do ask you ask.

Itaru: I'm sure the Liberators can take care of whatever demons he throws at us...

Itaru: So I'll make sure to deal with Toru.

Vince: Deal with him? You mean talk to him, right? Geez, you really are soft.

Seiran: We shouldn't kill him if we don't have to, right?

Gakuto: Exactly. There's no coming back from that.

Vince: Dammit, what a pain...

Itaru: I'm glad you weren't you I assumed you were, Sahara.

Itaru: I won't let this chance you've given me go to waste.

Fariedone: ...

Itaru: Let's go, everyone. To Odaiba.

Part 20

> At the docks of Odaiba at night...

Fariedone: Itaru, I must ask you this before we proceed...

Itaru: Yes?

Fariedone: We are about to confront your brother.

Fariedone: What do you wish to do with him...?

Itaru: What do I want to do...?

Itaru: Talk to him. Knock some sense into him and get him to stop all this.

Itaru: My mind still hasn't processed how he's behind these terrible things, but that's also why I have to face him.

Itaru: He'll hear me out, right? I mean, I'm his little brother.

Fariedone: And if he decides to fight you instead?

Itaru: ...

Fariedone: I understand that you do not want to see your brother fall so low.

Fariedone: However, fool or not, the words that this dragon spits out will be poisonous.

Itaru: Regardless...

Itaru: We have to stop him.

Itaru: So many people have fallen victim to him already.

Itaru: There's no way he can count this as attaining happiness.

Itaru: I'm all he has left. Just me. I have to confont him.

Fariedone: ...

Itaru: But I probably wouldn't have figured this out if I were on my own.

Itaru: You taught me so much, Fariedone. You were willing to listen.

Itaru: You showed me that I should just live my life freely and righteously.

Itaru: Okay, I still don't fully comprehend that...

Itaru: But leaving my brother for dead doesn't seem right.

Itaru: That doesn't feel righteous. At least, that's what I think.

Fariedone: I see...

Itaru: A-Anyway, I need to start thinking about what to say.

Itaru: I need to figure out what to tell him.

Itaru: I'm still going to try talking to him first.

Fariedone: Itaru... You remind me of my son.

Itaru: Your son?

Fariedone: Yes. He was the greatest source of happiness for me, as well as pain...

Fariedone: I vow to never repeat the same mistake I did back then.

Itaru: Fariedone...

Fariedone: Now, we must go. As long as I draw breath, I shall protect you.

Fariedone: You are simply to remain righteous.

Itaru: Thanks...!

Part 21

Megakin: Yo, I'm guessin' it's that yacht over there.

Itaru: ...

Seiran: Itaru, are you sure about this? If you don't think you're up to it...

Itaru: I appreaciate the concern, but I'm ready.

Itaru: Oh, there is something I would like to ask of all of you...

Megakin: We're all ears.

Itaru: Please give me some time to talk to my brother.

Vince: ...

Itaru: I don't actually know if he'll listen, but...

Itaru: I need to at least hear why he's doing these terrible things...

Itaru: He may just as well be a victim in some way...

Vince: Fat chance considering what his little secretary told us.

Jeng Yun: I am for this idea. If we can avoid fighting, that is bet.

Jeng Yun: Plus, Itaru has a right to do this since he's family.

Ririn: Yeah, I guess so... I mean, whenever my little brother or sister do something they're not supposed to, I'm the one who has to discipline them so... Okay, I'm in too!

Vince: Hey, there's no way we're gonna win if you all get soft and gooey like that.

Vince: You know what? Whatever...

Vince: But remember this. If things go south, we're going loud.

Gakuto: I'm with Vince on that.

Gakuto: I respect that you two are family...

Gakuto: However, if push comes to shove, we won't hold back.

Gakuto: Even if it means your brother may lose his life.

Itaru: I understand... Thank you for hearing me out.

Gakuto: Anyway, I think we're all set. Let's do this...

Part 22

> Odaiba, on board the yacht.

> You see a man staring towards the sea.

Toru: Ah, Sahara...

Toru: Were you able to take control of those so called "Liberators"?

Toru: I left a few guards at the office, so I'm sure a capable summoner such as yourself...

Toru: Had no issue dealing with them...? Sahara...?

Seiran: Sorry, boss, but I'm not your little secretary.

Toru: The Liberators...? What have you done with Sahara?

Toru: Only she and I are permitted on this yacht with our ID rings.

Itaru: ...

> Itaru shows Toru the ring Sahara gave him.

Toru: That useless bitch. She let you take it from her...?

Toru: I would ask why you are here...

Toru: But I probably already know the answer to that question.

Toru: So, why are you here?

Toru: It doesn't seem like you're here to fight or anything...

Itaru: Toru... Are you really the King of Snakes?

Toru: King of Snakes...? Oh, now I see! You mean because of these things?

> Toru's clothes are torn apart as he flexes his shoulders.

> You see a giant snake growing out of his body...!

Toru: King Toru, the ruler of this world. It has a nice ring to it.

Ririn: Gross... He's a disgusting monster...

Fariedone: This creature. It is no different from the one I vanguished...

Itaru: Toru... Tell me this isn't true...

Toru: Anyway.

Toru: I have bigger fish to fry... No, before that.

Toru: I was going to save you for last, but I can't wait any longer.

Toru: Everything that is yours will be mine.

Shiori: What...?

Toru: I coveted your position my whole life.

Toru: I kept wondering why he chose you instead of me.

Toru: Ordinarily, the eldest is given that honor.

Toru: In other words, I was supposed to attain that happiness.

Toru: But father remained unfair right until the end.

Itaru: Unfair? What are you talking about...?

Itaru: Father wanted both of us to be happy!

Toru: Of course.

Toru: That's what I'm about to do.

Itaru: What...?

Toru: Yes, your being alive has driven me insane. Your death will relieve me of that misery.

Toru: Since you're so revered among your peers, they probably won't want me as their boss as long as you're alive, no?

Toru: That will not do.

Toru: However, I can simply take control of them with my snakes...

Fariedone: You monster...!!!

Toru: Liberators, was it?

Toru: You are to become my newest minions.

Toru: Then I will be able to control you all like puppets.

Toru: I do not have any plans for you as of yet, but I'm certain that you will prove useful...

Toru: I shall welcome any talent that proves themselves useful.

Itaru: Toru, please, listen to me!

Toru: No, it is too late for any talk.

> Toru summons an army of demons!

Rika: How many did he just summon...?!

Seiran: Get ready! Here they come!

Part 23

> A fierce battle unfolds on board the yacht...

Gakuto: *Pant* There's... Too many...!

Fariedone: *Strike*

Itaru: Fariedone, are you okay?

Fariedone: I am fine!

Seiran: There!

Demon (Nue): *Screech*

Seiran: Yeah... This is getting to be a bit much...!

Vince: *Wince*

Honey: Oh no! Vince!

Vince: I'm fine, partner!

Honey: Let me help! We need to work together!

Itaru: No, at this rate...

Itaru: Fariedone, we have to stop my brother...!

Itaru: I need to reach him somehow. Can you clear a path for me?

Fariedone: Understood...!

Toru: Ah, very good. I see why Sahara fell to you...

Itaru: Toru!

Toru: Itaru. You do know that I am trying to kill you, right...?

Toru: Do you have a death wish or something?

Itaru: I came to talk some sense into you, Toru...!

Itaru: If you want what I have, take it.

Itaru: If that's the cause of you doing these terrible things, then I don't need any of it.

Toru: What?

Itaru: Then, just maybe, you'll be free of whatever evil has taken over you...

Itaru: If that's what it takes to satisfy you, to bring you back...

Itaru: I'm willing to bet everything I have on that.

Toru: ...

Itaru: Father even said the same thing!

Itaru: We will all die someday, so we need to live our lives to the fullest.

Itaru: There's no point in just waiting to die.

Itaru: Even if you cover others and succeed in taking what's theirs, you'll end up dying just envying others. You'll never be satisfied.

Itaru: You can't go on like that!

Itaru: That won't count as attaining happiness.

Toru: *Snicker*

Toru: Right, it's all over when you die.

Toru: No one can live forever, and there's nothing waiting for us on the other side.

Itaru: Then...!

Toru: That's exactly why I need to do this!

Toru: That is why I must become the wealthiest and most powerful man on the planet!

Toru: Only then will I be able to stand proud at the top of the food chain!

Toru: That is what happiness is to me.

Toru: We will all die someday, yes?

Toru: The ones who are willing to live under someone else's thumb are all but fools.

Toru: Only the ones standing at the top know what true happiness is!

Toru: I don't care what you think. This is what I believe!

Itaru: ...!!

Itaru: Toru...

Itaru: (He's gone. I can't save him.)

Itaru: (All we have is each other, but my words mean nothing to him.)

Itaru: (Do I really mean that little to him now?)

Part 24

Toru: Are you done?

Itaru: No...

Toru: What was that?

Itaru: No, I won't give up. I know the real you is still in there somewhere, Toru.

> Itaru glares at Toru to show his resolve...

Toru: ...

Toru: Why won't you just fight me?!

Itaru: Because I don't want to. I want you to listen.

Toru: This...

Toru: This is exactly why I hate you! Die!!

> Toru launches snakes from his shoulders at Itaru!

Itaru: ...!!

Fariedone: No!!

> Fariedone protects Itaru using his sword and shield!

Itaru: Fariedone...!

Fariedone: *Grunt*

Toru: A... A demon?! Out of the way!

Itaru: Fariedone...! No, you can't!

Fariedone: I... I have been dwelling on it this entire time...

Itaru: Huh?

Fariedone: Allowing my sons to face one another in combat.

Fariedone: My youngest was killed by his elder brothers.

Fariedone: I was unable to save them from being influenced by that evil.

Fariedone: But I will not make the same mistake again!

Fariedone: *Roar*

> A slashing sound is heard through the wind!

Toru: *Scream*

> Fariedone slices off both of Toru's arms!

Fariedone: I am Fariedone!

Fariedone: Foul dragon, evil king. You shall face justice and be removed from this world!

Toru: What?! No...!

Toru: I can't lose now...!

> Toru scurries away...!

Megakin: Itaru!

Itaru: Everyone!

Megakin: Yo, we dealt with the demons. Where's your brother?

Itaru: He ran. We have to chase after him! But...!

> Toru's snake arms bubble as they begin to transform!

Demon (Vasuki): ...

Demon (Fafnir): ...!

Megakin: Looks like we gotta deal with these things first.

Ririn: Seriously? I'm exhausted...

CHOICE: Just a little more.

Ririn: No! No more...!

CHOICE: You can do it!

Ririn: No, do it for me!


Seiran: Even if it means tonight's MVP will get a cash prize courtesy of Megakin?

Megakin: Say what?! Seiran...!

Ririn: Yeah, let's do this! It's time to kick some ass!

Megakin: Aight, whatever!

Megakin: Anyway, we gotta finish this once and for all!

Part 25

> Back on the docks...

Toru: Dammit...!! Those bastards...!

Toru: No matter, these will grow back in time. For now I must flee...!

Toru: I need to lose them somehow!

???: Sir...

Sahara: You look awful. What happened to you?

Toru: Sahara...?! I thought you were dead.

Toru: But I see that you were saved by their pity. Anyway...

Toru: Stop them! By me some time! That's an order!

Toru: There won't be any second chances. Do I make myself clear?

Toru: If you don't manage to succeed, you will have the honor of being fed to my snakes!

Sahara: Not even they could stop you...

Toru: What...?

> *Stab*

Sahara: I absolutely abhor having to do this.

Sahara: Even to someone like you. Look at me, having to do the dirty work like this...

Sahara: I'll have to live with this for the rest of my life...!

Sahara: But I can't let an opportunity like this slip by.

> Sahara drives her knife deeper into Toru.

Toru: N-No... S-Sahara...

Sahara: ...!

> *Gush*

Toru: Gah...!

> Toru collapses as he tries to apply pressure to his wound.

Seiran: Made it...

Itaru: Huh? Sahara...?!

Ririn: What's she doing here...?! And why's she covered in blood...?!

Vince: It's not her blood. Looks like she did him.

Itaru: ...?!

Sahara: *Pant*

Sahara: Two good stabs should be enough... My knife's poison should take care of the rest.

Toru: P-Poison...?

Toru: You bitch... Why...? How...?

Sahara: I had help, of course. Can't you tell?

Sahara: This poison, the people I paid off.

Sahara: Even this yacht. Not to mention making it all look like an accident.

Sahara: All thanks to my associates...

Toru: *Cough* What...? Who would defy me in such a manner...?

Sahara: You really believed that you only accrued power and wealth?

Sahara: All that glitters is gold with you, I guess.

Sahara: You lied to people, stole from them and tried to control them!

Sahara: For every penny you "earned", you took on a pile of baggage. Our grudges against you.

Toru: No... But... I'm...

Sahara: Now you have to see your precious fortune turn into a trash heap.

Sahara: *Laugh* Call it karma...

Toru: No... I... Still... Happiness...

Sahara: Shut up. Nobody wants you to be happy...

Sahara: Especially if it meant walking all over people!

Sahara: Die you piece of shit!

Itaru: S-Sahara!!

> Just as Sahara swings her knife down, Itaru grabs her arm!

Itaru: Please, stop... It's over.

Itaru: I can't let your soul become even more tainted, so please, stop.

> Toru's body now lies completely still.

> His snake arms even begin to wither away...

> Elsewhere...

Arima: Failure... Damn you, Sraosha.

> Arima oberved the Liberators from a distance.

Arima: No matter. For a quick folly, this was quite entertaining...

Arima: Evil cannot fully prevail as things stand now.

Arima: Especially if good and evil remain deadlocked in this struggle.

Arima: However, evil will rise once more in the future.

Arima: Until then, I will contineu prodding.

> Arima waves his hands and opens a dark void...

> He enters it and vanishes...


> A few weeks later...

Megakin: Yo, thanks for doin' this. Everythin' okay at the headquarters?

Itaru: Yes, they are. My employees all gave me their condolences.

Itaru: But it's going to take some time to process what happened.

Megakin: Aight, I'm just glad you're doin' okay.

Itaru: Also, thank you for attending Toru's funeral.

Megakin: Nah, it's the least we could do.

Itaru: I don't know if he was ever actually happy...

Itaru: And Fariedone...

Itaru: I appreciated how you stayed for his funeral.

Itaru: But is it really okay for you to stay here this long?

Fariedone: There is no problem. The angels have given me their blessing.

Itaru: I see. Still, thank you.

Itaru: Left to my own devices, my mind will wander towards a dark place.

Itaru: I can't even tell anyone the truth about what happened to Toru.

Megakin: Itaru...

Itaru: Luckily, the King of Snakes and his minions have all vanished.

Itaru: And those devices have been destroyed.

Itaru: That should be the end of all this...

Itaru: ...

Itaru: Megakin, can you lend me your ear for a second...?

Megakin: Yo, anythin' for you. What's up?

Itaru: *Chuckle* Anything, you say?

Itaru: Anyway, I keep wondering if Toru was ever really happy...

Itaru: He knew that everyone has to die at some point, so I'm wondering if that's why his lust for power grew out of control.

Itaru: Even if it meant doing evil and unforgivable things.

Itaru: Now, he's gone. He had his whole life ahead of him.

Itaru: In a flash, he lost everything he'd worked for.

Itaru: And I keep coming back to whether or not he was truly happy...

Megakin: Hmm...

Itaru: Tough one, right? I know there's no point in thinking about this.

Itaru: But not knowing botheres me so much.

Itaru: I can't say for sure that he wasn't ever happy.

Megakin: Yo, why's that?

Itaru: Because he told me something.

Itaru: He said that he didn't care what I thought.

Itaru: That made me think.

Itaru: I thought I knew him, but I really didn't. He saw things through a completely different lens.

Itaru: I just assumed that there was no way he'd found happiness.

Itaru: I convinced myself of that somewhere along the way.

Megakin: I see...

Itaru: I defined happiness in a certain way.

Itaru: But that definition didn't meet Toru's criteria for "happiness".

Itaru: So I'm not sure whether or not he was happy.

Itaru: I can't deny his idea of what that meant.

Itaru: Only after he died did I realize that.

Itaru: Finding happiness is really easier said than done...

Megakin: Yo, folks are allowed to leave however they want these days.

Megakin: So there ain't no standard definition of happiness anymore.

Fariedone: That caught my interest as well...

Itaru: You too, Fariedone?

Fariedone: You live very different lives from the ones my kin and myself did.

Fariedone: Yet there are some things that have not changed at all.

Fariedone: For example, death still does not discriminate.

Itaru: Right...

Fariedone: Regardless, this world persisted even after my passing.

Fariedone: My peers and loved ones were able to move on.

Fariedone: Because even in death, we live forever in their memories.

Fariedone: Which is why...

Fariedone: Those who do good for others will attain true happiness, be they the mightiest king or the most downtrodden slave.

Itaru: Good will prevails in their hearts...

Fariedone: Ah, and it is time for me to depart.

Itaru: Okay. Thanks for everything, Fariedone.

Fariedone: You are welcome. Live a righteous life, Itaru.

Fariedone: do good unto others and attain the happiness you seek.

> Fariedone silently fades and disappears...

Itaru: Live a righteous life, huh? Again, easier said than done.

Megakin: Yo, most of us don't really know what's best for us, but ain't that a part of what it means to "live a good life"?

Itaru: Yeah...

Itaru: Okay, time to come up with some new ideas!

Megakin: Yo, aren't you supposed to be on vacation or somethin'?

Itaru: Who cares? Wanna help me, Megakin?

Itaru: Let's come up with something that everyone can smile about.

Itaru: I think this is how I'm supposed to do good for others!